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Author Topic: Am I ready for a different Meditation or am I being impatient?  (Read 3690 times)

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I've been doing the "Making Your Mind Matter" on-line 8 week course and I am about to start week #4. I have been doing the meditations that were included in the Bonus, Water Rising & Body Parts - Space Meditations. I found these absolutely incredible (I did 2/day). I felt incredible/energetic/enthusiastic. However, I now find this past week I am bored and my mind wonders - as an observer which is great but I don't get the same rush or emotional reaction. I really want to get that back and I'm not sure if I can. I want it to feel new again. Is this part of the process or am I ready to move on to a different meditation? I'm taking the Progressive Course in August. I don't want to rush things if this is how it works but I'm eager to continue making progress.

Any suggestions? I want to keep my vibrations high and my momentum going so I can stay excited about this course. I'd appreciate any comments.

Thank you all!