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The theory of letting go
« on: October 17, 2020, 07:15:32 PM »
Hi everyone   :)

I have a question related to ‘letting go’. I’ve heard a lot of explanations for it from a lot of different people involved in metaphysics, but one thing I’ve never connected with is the concept of ‘letting go’. It sounds simple, but what does it actually mean?

There’s the ‘letting go’ as surrendering within Dr. Joe’s meditations. And then others have talked about letting go and then I’m not supposed to even think about it because it is ‘done’ And thinking about it involves wanting and how can you want something you already have?

So I guess my question comes from where I’m at right now. I’ve been meditating on something strongly for a LONG time off and on - years. I’ve focused on it for every meditation since September 1st of this year. Lately it’s begun to feel weird concentrating on this possibility, as though why am I focused on something I already have - so why not create something else? But then I think - I’ve tried similar things before and then they just never happened.

So for those of you who have gained your possibilities in this reality through Dr. Joe’s work, did you keep focusing on the possibility until it came? Or was there a point where you knew it was fully seeded within the quantum and moved onto another goal knowing that one was coming hell or high water?

Thanks for any input you have :)


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Re: The theory of letting go
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2020, 01:57:49 AM »
Read reality transurfing, it's better explained. Long to read, but IMO it complement Dr Joe teachings with some theories and explanations about how things works when you do something. Like the problem about putting importance of things, everybody should know about that and the consequences.

Letting go means different things in different context. I think the lack in Dr Joe teaching is to not explain anything about inner and outer intention like in reality transurfing. The problem of having desire too, cause desire never bring anything, it's just a starting point, and any attachment to desire create problems and involves balance forces. The problem is not to think about what you want, but how you do it, for what reason you do it, etc.

Letting go is just you let go, like you let go an apple from your hand, simply, no attachment. Surrender is you know  it will be "done" and "managed" for you by higher forces as you have done your work and you can't do more better than that by yourself. The only thing you can do then is to worry, doubt, etc, nothing usefull, on the opposite. Only thing you can do is putting in a good state, in the present moment, detached from your environment, loop thought, etc, and bringing an elevated emotion and clear intention, and feel that, live it now. Then you "let go" when you feel it's enought. What can you do more. The rest of the work is to manage yourself during the day, becoming more aware of your habits, thought, reactions, intentions, desires, and the more you are aware, conscious, the more you can live in elevated state during the day, and answer to what happen instead of reacting with automatic programms, etc. If you live still the same way and change nothing, it will counter act what you try to change by meditations. But if you the meditations, it will make you change things and you life style during the day. The two interracts.
You can also play "slides" during the day, if you have learn to not be attached to desire, etc but to do it with the simple intention to have, and if needed it will train your soul to be comfortable will the goal you have in the case you feel unworthy etc. ALso you learn to be in condition when what is called outer intention can act in your favor, which means you allow the world to bring what you want to you, instead of trying to get it. You allow yourself to the most normal thing. For me, the difficult part about all that is to train to be comfortable about what we want, instead of making it a fight or a goal we see difficult etc. The difference is just how we view things, like focusing on fighting sickness vs focusing on health because we like health and healthy life-style and know we are naturally worthy of it (in this case no negative things are in the focus). Worth is maybe even not thought about, as it involves condition, and is often problematic to think about, it depends on peoples problems and believes maybe, etc.
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Re: The theory of letting go
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2020, 07:17:20 PM »
I think I may have figured part of it out. I was reading a section of Becoming Supernatural this morning. One of the stories told in the book was about the doctor with a skin condition. When she described how she felt during the meditation, a light went on for me. I've felt that once before, long before I began studying Dr. Joe's works.  As I thought about that, I remembered something I used to do that I learned from Neville Goddard's works.

So I combined the two things while pulling the mind out of the body and HOLY CROW! After the fourth or fifth breath, I started to laugh - I couldn't help myself. A moment came when I knew I was on a precipice. Shut it down as I have always done in the past because strong emotions are scary (old belief). Or let it go on. I let it go. And laughed for a full five minutes. And hiccuped giggles for another two or three.

Not sure what it did scientifically, or what the end results will be of it, but I feel fantastic. I've released some stuck energy that kept me in the past.


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Re: The theory of letting go
« Reply #3 on: November 30, 2020, 07:41:27 PM »
AND FORGET IT.  simple as that  :)
imagine the universe as a waiter at a restaurant of infinite possibilities.
you ring the bell and the waiter comes to you.
you point to the item that you want in the menu.
the waiter makes a note and goes to the kitchen of possibility to get your order.
BUT half way through, you ring the bell again and the waiter comes back without punching in the order to the kitchen of possibilities.
You ask the waiter for the same thing again.
the waiter goes.. "um.. ok..."
then starts to head to the kitchen  BUT
half way through you ring the bell again lol.  then as he comes back you order the Same thing on the menu lol.
and so you keep doing this over and over and the waiter never gets a chance to get your meal lol.   ;D

one of the reasons why manifestations work better when you set it for other people is that because you're doing it for other people it's much easier to set it and forget it (visualize what you want then let it go).

So tell me what do you want?  I'll manifest it and bring it about for you.
All I ask you to do is to visualize yourself in this moment enjoying it (enjoying your meal) as if you already have it.
deal?   8) 8)


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Re: The theory of letting go
« Reply #4 on: December 01, 2020, 04:42:39 PM »
Technically, it's not as simple as Set it and Forget it.

I've done that before and got... nothing. Except frustration a year later when it's still not there. Kind of like when I went to a restaurant, ordered a plain hamburger and it came with gunk on it. I had to return it. They brought out a new one - WITH GUNK ON IT. I sent it back again and when the waiter brought the last one, she actually threw the plate on my table as she walked by. And guess what? IT SITLL HAD GUNK ON IT.

I know what you're talking about in that it is easier to create for someone else - because you aren't connected to that desire. And I appreciate your offer of help.

However, as much as I want the end result of my goal - my new life - I want the steps to do it myself. I have created some amazing miracles for myself over the last few years, but I could never point my finger on 'how' or be able to recreate the steps. I'm finally getting some interesting things happening with Dr. Joe's work. So I'm going to continue on until I've got the steps down to make my dreams come to fruition.

It's that whole "Give a person one fish and they eat for a day. Teach them to fish and they'll never go hungry again" lesson. In this case, I'm learning to fish ;)