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Author Topic: Questions about meditation  (Read 935 times)

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Questions about meditation
« on: July 02, 2020, 12:52:23 PM »
I'm reading the book at the moment and I have questions about some things.

1. About the meditation "Tuning in to new potentials", we must stay in the present. The thing is, how to stay in the present? The books says it's done by quitting paying attention to everything you are. When you do that, what is your mind actually paying attention to? You have to remove any thought but what are you focusing on, then? I don't really know how to explain this.

2. The book says that when you put your awareness on something, there is  where the energy flows. In the meditation "Blessing of the energy centers", you have to feel your energy centers, the space around them and the space they occupie. Well, my question is, do you actually feel them or is it your imagination that makes you feel them? Like, by redirecting your attention to where you think your energy center is, you can feel it but for example, the next day you try the meditation again, you feel it in a different place, which is just close to where you felt it yesterday and where you think it is.

3. The pineal breathing is something I didn't understand well. What I did was tighting the muscles named in the book (muscles close to the perineum, lower and up abdomen) while inhaling and trying to feel how the energy goes up, or at least, imagining it. (This is related with the second question).

4. I've tried the breathing technique and some meditations but after doing them, I actually didn't feel any improvement or change. Is it something you get with the practice? Because in some examples that are given in the book, there are people who after the first meditation felt better and it's kind of frustrating.

I'd be happy if you could answer because the fact of not doing the things correctly and not getting results is stressing me.

Sorry if there are some grammar mistakes. I'm not an English speaker.

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Re: Questions about meditation
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2020, 06:06:14 AM »
Hi Sapphire

1. My take on this is you're not paying attention to anything. You're staying present, so no thoughts from your past enter your mind. Your mind may wander and make random thoughts by itself but be aware and bring it back to present moment. You don't have to concentrate on anything. This is something I struggled with but eventually you will get better. I used the mindfulness app (free version) which helps with staying in the present moment.

2. I think that should be fine, I feel my lower chakras to the left of my body sometimes.

3. Haven't done this yet

4. I felt like this for a while too, I found the most blissful meditations are usually when I truly relax. I need to do it early in the morning, if I do this in the day I usually fall asleep. By truly relax I mean you let your muscles just sag, almost like you're not putting in any effort to sit in the meditation position. Let your muscles in the face, jaw just sag a little, let the shoulders drop and just be tense enough to keep yourself in the position. I know Dr Joe says to keep your back fully erect but I find this makes me too tense. I think I might try sitting in a chair

I hope that helps and you find the answers you need. Don't let it stress you out, this is a journey and you'll make mistakes. You'll find out what works and what doesn't, keep a journal :)


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Re: Questions about meditation
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2020, 11:44:29 AM »
1. I agree with BreakingFree, and when I have trouble following any direction I whisper it under my breath or keep rewording it to get through that time till the next instruction.

2. I imagine them as balls, no particular size.

3 What people seem to miss in the breath is the last paragraph of that chapter: you are gathering up the negativity in your body and energy centers, and moving it up and out of your body. Personally, I do not seek kundalini experiences so I have not had one nor do I want one. If your goal is to have a Metaphysical experience I recommend aligning yourself with selfless thoughts, deeds and actions.

4. Stop being concerned about your performance, it is slowing your progress. Have fun! Fake it till you make it ! Just like one rehearses or imagines telling off someone who has been unjust to us, you are 3D highly emotionally living in a joyous future. And do not compare your experience with others, just as some experiences their first try, others never miss a meditation for three years before their disease vanishes.