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Author Topic: Who's arm is this?  (Read 352 times)

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Who's arm is this?
« on: May 06, 2019, 12:54:16 AM »
I've just done "Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind".  I'm still new to this but had some oh wow moments.  The body parts that Dr Joe asks us to be aware of and then consider in space - well they kind of disappeared - somewhere?  (particularly my head and when it came to the throat - which I'd had problems feeling before - I spun entirely out and away from my body.  Just for a fleeting and wonderful moment).

For the part when you put your left hand on your heart and give thanks and show gratitude, I did so - but it wasn't my arm!  Or it wasn't an arm.  My hand was there but it wasn't attached to my arm.  I could feel an arm but it wasn't extended from the shoulder and bent at the elbow - at least not mine anyway.  It was a long arm and it wasn't folded in the way you'd physically expect it to be.  Was it my new body's arm, someone else's, a quantum arm  :)

Everytime I meditate something new happens and it's better than before.  It's so exciting!

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Re: Who's arm is this?
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2019, 11:46:09 AM »
Proprioception is the term for how we know where our bodies body parts are in space. I personally love the break I get from it during meditation. It's a bit like feeling like the Cheshire cat. Usually right after that starts, I experience really delightful changes.

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Re: Who's arm is this?
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2019, 04:51:34 PM »
I had a lovely feeling of my hip turning inside out a few days ago, and have not felt pain in it since.
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Re: Who's arm is this?
« Reply #3 on: May 13, 2019, 01:40:49 PM »
 hello to everyone, I get everytime so excited when I'm reading someone else's experience in meditation and I can link it to some of my experiences. So the first thing I would do is giving thanks to everyone who shares something like that. So let me share this one for you. When i put my arm on my heart thank all things that I was told to in the meditation I can clearly see my arm but with eyes closed. The only thing I wondered about I saw something I can only describe as templates of lights all over my arms and I thought in that moment when I imagine someone's Lightbody in sense of being whole then I can only think that all part of the body are enlightened even considering that these templates were really beautiful like some kind of Mandalas so and I'm still wondering what could this mean.
And if possible I would like to ask another question in this topic here. Because every time I start the Meditation something I expect this is the field and the only way I can describe it is when you see an image of stars in the universe and they are turning around me but the time for me to really connect to it wasn't still there and the only  thing I can say is it is not really imagined by me. So could it be that I am really completely wrong and that is only some imagination even if I don't feel so because knowing I'm wrong I could try some other ways.

 I hope this was understandable because english is not my first language but it really tried to do my best so thank you for any answers and reading my comment.