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Author Topic: Cancun Hotel Sold Out though event registration not open for June 2019?  (Read 480 times)

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Will rooms be available once event tickets are opened up? Confused :) Emailed and they said registration for event hand't begun yet? Thanks!!

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Hi Lindsay,

I am also waiting for the opening of the registration for Cancun. My travel agent in Germany has checked the availability of the hotel and it is only blocked for the time of the retreat. It was the same in Mallorca.

So we will be able to book the rooms with the confirmation of the booked retreat as the hotel does need this - because of the special price.

Best regards

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Hey Gioia,

You from Germany? So am I? Munich.

I've secured my place at Cancun today. To both you and Lindsay, you cannot book the hotel on your own. You need the special code which you'll get in the confirmation email to get the special rate. There you can see the rooms. I still haven't booked it. I'm waiting for a reply about other accommodation outside but I know that in the end, tomorrow I'll end up biting my teeth and booking at the hotel.

Gioia, I've just booked my flight on Lufthansa. It had the shortest flying times. Departing 4.6. and returning 18.6.

So if anyone wants to join me on pre or post holiday, I am looking for nice, uncomplicated company to share an Air BnB and have some fun together. I'm arriving 4.6. so the pre part will be from 4.6. - 10.6.

My departure is on 18.6. so I'm looking for company from 16.6.-18.6.