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Author Topic: healing the stuttering? I need meditation advice  (Read 924 times)

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healing the stuttering? I need meditation advice
« on: April 04, 2019, 04:40:32 AM »
Hi guys,
first of all I want to say how happy and grateful I am for everybody of you who is overcoming a serious illness, I am proud of you and wish you all the best.  :-*
I would like to know if here is anybody who has any experiences to heal stuttering?
Even though my stuttering is not severe one, but it led my life into very low self-esteem (I mean very very low), doubts, fear, emberressment, shyness I hated myself so much and I cared so much what other people think about me, and I wanted everybody to like me. I also thought I am stupid, ugly, fat and dont deserve anything good, not even love and that nobody cant love me like that. So I suffered with quite deep depressions. Also I keep saying myself that if I died I wouldnt mind at all. Also I brought on myself a heart condition.
Most of people dont look at the stuttering as "illness" but it is quite serious one because of the psychological impact inside of the person. Even I was quite a "smiley" person on outside, it wasnt like that from my inside. (like Picture of Dorian Gray)  ???
But recently I have started to meditate (it is 4 days now) and I can feel much difference, it is changing my life. Even though I am not completely healed from stuttering yet, I really love myself and have any negative thoughts on my mind, which is like miracle for me  :o :P (because I was really negative person and all the time I saw only the worst and worst case scenarios)

So If here is anybody who tries to overcome stutterring or has overcame it and could give me some advices mainly on how to do meditations correctly and what to visualize I would really appreciate it. Because I am not sure If I am doing it correctly, should I focus more on a feeling that I am speaking fluently? should I imagine myself how I am speaking in front of people? and just only in one particular situation? Or just imagining how my speech part of a brain is repairing? I am little bit confused with this... :-\

Thanks for reading my story and thank you for any advice  :-*
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Re: healing stuttering? I need meditation advice
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2019, 05:15:47 AM »
Hi sis!!!

My heart just opened when I read your story!  I'm so happy that you are making progress.  Imaging myself as the best possible version of myself always works for me.  The one thing I've learned from doing these meditations is that not every meditation is going to be the same, and you can never get it wrong!

I don't know if that's really helpful but I just wanted to say it was touching to read your post!

Much love
SC  :) :) :)

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Re: healing the stuttering? I need meditation advice
« Reply #2 on: April 13, 2019, 03:54:30 AM »
I do not have experience of stuttering sis, however I have noticed since beginning to record books for relistening to, there is a vast difference between the first and the latest recording: smooth, confident and much more pleasant to listen to.

Perhaps getting a voice recording app, I use Voice Record Pro, and reading something you really enjoy in complete privacy will aid your confidence.
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