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Author Topic: Just Past Identity There’s Something Amazing...  (Read 605 times)

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Just Past Identity There’s Something Amazing...
« on: February 19, 2019, 01:38:44 PM »
One of my fascinations with Life is the tie between everything we think and feel, in every moment, and what we are creating as sentient beings. Even more fascinating is the direct tie between how we “identify” with our perceptions and the results this produces in our experience of Life. One of my many joys in experiencing this work has come from that opening created by an examination or expansion of the cognitive process as you begin to engage in the art of “feeling into the unknown” (as no-body, no-one, etc.).

But it’s this “freeing of the mind from the body” or “identification shifting” that I continue to develop as a model of understanding for how our attention works.

One of my favorite examples is the comparison of our mental/emotional perceptions with that of Kodak film. Nothing in the landscape is irrelevant! The things that we observe and interpret throughout our daily lives has a focal point but it always rests on a larger picture, a background that you carry around with you (the subconscious) - which not only impacts but truly shapes the interpretation of that which you are focused on in any moment. This is a simple model model of our identity as it points to how, in any conversation, what we are talking about and the landscape of our subconscious is intricately intertwined. However, we typically somehow focus only on the focal point and, along with our collaborators, effortlessly converse with barely a smidgen of relevance placed on the subconscious background that is likely more relevant than the focal point.

In Psychology, in particular ACT, they refer to a framework of identity that gives another perspective of this concept - cognitive fusion. See brief definition here:

"This is where we get entangled with our thoughts and ‘pushed around by them’ (Russ Harris). We focus our attention on the contents of our mind (our thoughts, memories, assumptions, beliefs, images etc) rather than what we are experiencing through our five senses.  We then make decisions and take actions based on our internal experience (thoughts, memories etc) rather than what is  really going on in the world.”

What I find fascinating about this particular description and its “disposition” toward the cognitive process is that, for me, it misses the mark on reaching the zero point of the identity factor that Dr Joe’s explanation of no-space/time/thing/place gives relevance to (I am being brief as there is much more to his model, but this should do for now). In fact, this idea of interacting (sensing, feeling and simply being aware in the unknown) was and is an incredible tool for exploring beyond identity - but I digress.

The challenges of our “identity” are deep and wide because, as he has stated in his teaching, “you can’t read the label from inside the tomato jar” (or something close to that). Einstein’s comment about thinking in new ways (new levels of consciousness) in order to resolve today’s problems points to this. But this all gets complicated by how we relate (identify) to our perceptions and the biological “fight or flight” mechanics that leverages fear, chemistry etc. to give the resulting limited emotional concepts a far stronger hold on the mind’s ability to reason and thus limits the ability of consciousness to expand beyond the limits of the senses.

I’m not sure there is a fully coherent thought in this, but the inspiration arises in the reclassification of identity, reframing our experiences as something that is not “you” but is a reflection of what you are “tuned to” (where you are persistently placing your attention). The moment you can bring this “who you are” (or identity) out from under the grip of the meaning given to the experiences of the external senses the world begins to unwind in the most marvelous of ways. When this unwinding is further guided by the concept of where we are “tuned” and the exercises available to explore the faculties of “feeling and tuning” in the unknown, Life becomes the oyster we always felt it was meant to be.

Something shifted for me when I heard about the “information” that rides on the waves of energy we are focused on, and, I put that together with this concept of “feeling into the unknown” as no-one, no-body, etc. Then it dawned on me, I am tuning into another frequency, a frequency that carries information! A frequency that can then collapse itself into an experience around me, which presents a far greater order and meaning then the one I am attempting to create by using my senses to half bake a meaningful identity.

As such, my identity is really beyond the association I carry over against external “things". As these teachings continue to shed new light on this complex topic, I am fascinated by this opportunity to explore and creatively expand our experience of Life by truly defusing from the grip our identity places on our conscious capabilities. In fact, we are demonstrating the mechanics of a model where your real interpretation of what is going on is not your interpretation of what you see as your identity. It is the information that is carried on the waves of those things you focus on - even if they are physical. So when we focus on the lower energies of guilt, shame etc. we are really just tuning to the information in those waves but for some strange reason giving it grandeur it does not deserve by assigning meaning through the association of that which we believe we are. When we focus on the higher levels of energy we naturally begin to explore a realm that truly demonstrates the grace and glory that is its very nature (and are need to be identified begins to evaporate as we experience this connection).

In the “non-identifying” model you must begin to take into account one of the key edicts of sudden remission - there is a power greater than myself at work here. OK, most of us get that, but when you look into the challenges of identity, in truth, the separative condition does not innately trust in this due to its identification with and separation from the potential that is all around us. It does this by attempting to make meaning out of what it is on its own, without leveraging its innate capabilities to feel into and experience the infinite wonder of that which we already are beyond the limited and local physical realm around us.

In summary, my ultimate goal is to share and play with ideas like this, to find out if they resonate with anyone and in a collaborative mode explore their potential. Who knows, we might even crystalize something that would assist the activities of our rapidly expanding collective consciousness! It appears to me, and from my own personal experience, humanity is truly stuck in a quagmire whose primary glue is the attention many give to the identity. Regardless, the soul/life stands firm within and as such I am inspired to locate crystals of knowledge that offer new ways to open the doors to the light that already always is!

When I sit for even a moment in this contemplation I find myself amidst a sense of energetic wonder that presents the possibility of touching, or better yet communing with, a truly pure, loving and divine source.

Please share any inspired thoughts, related or not.

Be Well!

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Re: Just Past Identity There’s Something Amazing...
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2019, 12:29:10 PM »
Hello Jim,

I liked reading your reflections on the "not-self" I liked a lot your landscape/ unconscious analogy.

I am wondering about the part when you talk about how humans identify with their negative emotions such us shame, anger, etc. Then, the part you write about getting beyond the identity to nowhere, no thing, etc... In that moment, when we enter the unknown, we are confronted with feelings of love and gratefulness. My question is, are the same mechanisms for attaching to low emotions in place when we are in the unknown? isn't attaching to a higher emotion the same as attaching to a lower one?

these are questions that i can answer myself but i want to know your take.

Also, i want to know about your practice, what meditations you use the most? Then, does listening to a recorded meditation creates more attachment? I had practice Vipassana for over 15 years, no words, just silence. Now I start using Joes meditation and wondering about getting used to a guided meditation instead of a silent one.

Thank you,

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Re: Just Past Identity There’s Something Amazing...
« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2019, 06:30:35 AM »
This was a really amazing piece of rumination: thank you for that! Things that came as I read were the two places that you remarked, "in order to resolve today’s problems" and "humanity is truly stuck in a quagmire," both, for me (this identity) point to belief and illusion. There aren't any problems in the world, only people who believe that there are, who live limited and in an illusion of one version of reality. Surrounded by bombs and guns going off, we need not 'believe' it is war--who taught us this? It can be so many 'other' things too--other experiences can be occurring simultaneously (e.g., peace, love)--and at the least, in an unlimited coherence, we can alter this reality with one thought. The second one, "humanity being in a quagmire," is also an illusion, also a duality, a belief that you can trace back... follow the steps that allowed this idea to take root/form. In this moment, inhale/exhale, is the experience (of oneness with all) really a quagmire, or is this more incoherence, more a chosen perception?

Some of what you articulate about identity, I tend to regard as illusions and their layers--like dreams, we can unravel past lives and all the various moments we were led to believe in an illusion. So the freedom of breaking the illusion offers a state of its opposite: (choose your word) I like 'becoming' as it shows movement, one that continues.

Where are you at with these ideas now? How have they guided and developed?
Emry S.

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Re: Just Past Identity There’s Something Amazing...
« Reply #3 on: May 26, 2019, 02:06:44 AM »
Lots to ponder in this thread!

For my part I just plain follow the techniques Dr Joe lays out as best I can. Dr Dean Radin, a 40 year veteran of Noetic sciences research, states this formula, every step of it is crucial, does create what we think about.
Walk in Beauty 💫