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Author Topic: Is the quantum field the same like the prana field we know from yoga?  (Read 1471 times)

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Many spiritual sciences like the Kabbala and also Yoga talk about different fields or levels of reality. In Yoga we know the "prana field"(pranamayakosha), the level or reality which exists beyond the physical realm. This prana field contains our life energy and nourishes every cell of our body. Beyond this field are four even more subtle realities... till the divine spark of everything, the "Atman", the soul. In the Kabbala we have "levels" of Consciousness which are the same as levels of reality. Here "En Sof" (the Endless / God / immaterial Light) gives room for everything to exist by "pulling himself out of space": it is called Zimzum. This creates Emptiness so there is space for "things" to be. Is our quantum field this "Zimzum"?
We know from the near death research that when someone dies the energy- or "prana-body" separates from the physical body and survives in an other realm of reality. So my question is: Can we connect the quantum field to one of those realities of yoga or to the "Zimzum" of the Kabbala? If yes, Dr. Joe had found the path to unite the knowledge of thousands of years of mystics and spiritual searching with the edge of our modern natural science!

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Re: Is the quantum field the same like the prana field we know from yoga?
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2019, 02:39:31 AM »
Hi Mira:) !

It could be that the quantum is what you described, Dr Joe is careful to speak in scientific terms on proven facts

1) so we can totally have trust in it and
2) so no preconceived “my religion is better than your religion” notions interfere with our ability to believe

If it helps you believe that way do so.

For myself I conceive the quantum as the subatomic, the waves of energy that collapse into paricals and back to waves. I know uncountable partiicals and waves are whizzing through me unseen and unnoticed every second: scientific fact. I know uncountable universes are switching out particals and waves with our own every second: scientific theory but I believe it is possible.

So I see the quantum field as uncountable possibilities.

And it is a scientific fact that in the quantum the observer controls the outcome of the experiment by their expectation.

I solidly believe that when I follow the meditation routine to be in a state of receivership I can expect anything and the particals and waves of the quantum will materialize it in my life.

That does sound a lot like “pulling myself out of space”, doesn’t it 🦋
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Re: Is the quantum field the same like the prana field we know from yoga?
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2019, 12:02:00 PM »
Dr Joe talks about a 4D world of no space, no time, no body, no one, no where (brain wave states of Alpha or Theta). This is the steppingstone to find the door into the 5D world of the Quantum where all possibilities exist and the brain wave states are Delta or Gamma (kundalini). Here is a webpage that has a great graphic that explained to me the different brain frequencies. Maybe it will help to put into the context you are familiar with. Blessings on your journey.