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Author Topic: need help in laying down an organized & effective daily practice for healing  (Read 4097 times)

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Hi everybody!

Here is Mary from Italy, I've just discovered Joe Dispenza's teachings, I watch a couple of videos on youtube and he blew my mind.
I would need help in laying down an organized & effective ''action plan'' for daily practice, in order to heal several serious health conditions I've been dealing with for many years.

In brief, I'm a newbie, can anyone, with some experience and practice, help me get started?

Thanks a lot! Hope to hear form you soon!

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Hi Mary,


My introduction to Dr Joe was his book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and doing the meditations that came with it on my 30 min drive to and from work. That meditation has The Change Game, practicing recognizing when emotions you no longer want to feel are creeping into you, telling yourself, “CHANGE!” And having the helpful emotion you want to live ready to replace it with.

You are the Placebo is his next book, in which the focus is mostly healing, those are great meditations also.

I recommend them as a starting point, he never strays from those basics in his subsequent work. The hard copy books have instructions and scripts to create your own meditation recordings or are on cd or download in the store on this website and Amazon.

I did loan out my cd set of Becoming Supernatural to a friend who never heard of Dr Joe before and she said it was the best thing that ever happened to her from which I infer that book could be your starting point if your funds are limited. It is the latest book. He always revisits the basics in each of his books so you won’t miss out on any principles. There are several meditations on the website store for purchase after you complete that book.

The most important part is to meditate daily, and twice daily if you have the time, to work toward the state of being perpetually in meditation in your waking life, continuously in the energy of creating the new you.

Here are some YouTube meditations if you have not come across these yet.

I wish you all the best!