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Author Topic: Difficulty booking accommodation for Novotel Sunshine Coast  (Read 443 times)

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Hi there, we are trying to book accommodation for the 7 day event in Queensland in October staying at the Novotel and so far, after 8 days of emailing and leaving phone calls with Dr Joe's travel company, we are having no result. We spoke once to a Michael who last week, who after having a brief look, told us that the system was down or crashed and he would get back to us Monday and took our email address.  Monday came and went, left two further phone messages since no one in the company is answering their phones and still no response days later.  We are getting very frustrated with the lack of response since we need to book airfares that work in with our accommodation dates and already some seats are sold out.  We have emailed Dr Joe's team but they have not responded yet either.  Anyone else have any suggestions?