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Author Topic: Questions regarding "Tuning into new possibilities" Meditation  (Read 3330 times)

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Hi there, newbie here!

I've read "Breaking the Habit of being yourself", "Evolve your Brain" und "Becoming Supernatural" so far and currently I'm doing the "Tuning into new Possibilities" meditation with almost the same intentions as he describes in the third chapter for his son...I also want to create a new job and what he describes his son did fits so perfectly  that I've been reading this chapter almost daily for the last two weeks. It resonates so well with me.
So I wrote down my intentions and what emotions I want to experience and started meditating using the body part induction (before I meditated focusing on my breathing). I really enjoy this state of "not being anyone, in no space and no time" but I've difficulties visualizing in this state of being...okay I shouldn't say it's difficult I know...but I really feel I can either meditate and get into a deep state of mind or I tune into the picture of what I want to soon as I start focusing I feel like getting out of the medition...I also love this state between waking and sleeping just after awakening in the morning and sometimes can extend this up to an hour (set my alarm clock earlier), it feels just great and I feel it's very useful for creating but I just can't stay focused in this state, even if I get interesting input or thougts I can't remember them later.
I feel I just can't relax and stay focused at the same time. Anyone else experienced this?

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Re: Questions regarding "Tuning into new possibilities" Meditation
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2018, 08:49:00 PM »
Hi aaron_89,

I am doing the Progressive Workshop currently, and week four has A LOT of information on staying present.

Do you remember the advice of keeping your focus like Dr Joe controls his stallion? Our bodies are so used to our daily routines that they are running those routines like software in the background, it is very uncomfortable for the body to give up control and it will try every wile to trick us into going back to routine.

Success comes when we recognize it is the body, not you, insisting the cat needs to be let out, etc, and firmly resisting every time distraction comes, saying to the body, “LOOK. I’M going to let you know when we’re done here. And when we are done you are going to be so glad that we did this. THEN I will get you coffee and feed you and do whatever you need, but right now this is MY time.”

I haven’t struggled too much with staying present since repeatedly listening to that lesson and even meticulously wrote the passages to help them stick in my head. It  lists out precisely how to go about  visualizing and feeling your  your future, and I review these notes each time before meditating.

I haven’t read Becoming Supernatural, perhaps it has the same advice on visualizing say the letter H surrounded by squiggly lines ( representing energy) for your focus on healing, writing down exactly what you want to experience, then writing down the emotions you will feel when it happens, your heartfelt gratitude for experiencing the healing. And in meditation or even throughout the day see that letter and know and feel everything it represents to you, all the while knowing for certain what you have asked for WILL COME TO YOU with no effort.

Hope that helped
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Re: Questions regarding "Tuning into new possibilities" Meditation
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Hello Aaron,

Dr Joe clearly states that once you have focused on your letter for a little while you then need to let it go. It is not necessary to hold on to that symbol for long.  Experience it as you prepare to go into your meditation and when he instruct you to do so but then let it go and revel in the no thing, no place, no time, no one state.  In that state - which is when you are successfully out of Beta and getting closer to the Zero Point - you eventually cross the threshold into the Quantum Field; the Infinite Field of Possibilities... And if your conscious mind does not remember the feedback, worry not.  It will pop up when it is most needed.

Hope this helps?


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Re: Questions regarding "Tuning into new possibilities" Meditation
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Thanks Naki and Walk in beauty