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Author Topic: Dr Joe Dispenza, levitation and me  (Read 7832 times)

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Dr Joe Dispenza, levitation and me
« on: January 02, 2018, 02:19:25 PM »
I just finished reading this book. OMG!!! I couldn't put this book down. Like sat down read it from cover to cover before I could do anything else. When I closed the book I let out a big sigh and an over whelming feeling came to me... I felt that I was telling Dr. Joe Dispenza about how I know that I manifested this book to me. I thought it might be at a book signing or something. So I immediately wrote a note in the front of the book.

But then I noticed no one has posted on this forum about the book.... So here I am making a post and would like to share my story which centers around and accident I had at work last OCT. Quick background on me... love physics especially quantum physics...studied phycology at university and have always been fascinated with perception and how it affects our state of being. I apologize for using words and phrases from the book but this book gave me a vocabulary to be talk about the things I have already experienced in my life. I am so grateful for this vocabulary by the way.

Ok so back to the accident .... I am a heavy duty mechanic apprentice and I was assigned the task of installing an engine in a large piece of equipment. Being that I was an apprentice and this was my first time do this I had missed a step while lowering the engine into place. I missed hooking up a few hydraulic lines and had just spent the last two hours hanging upside down trying to hook up these lines.

Now I am going to split the story here a little bit and tell you first what happened and second what I experienced...

What happened - When I stood up from being upside down I got light headed and fell backwards off of a five foot stand. I landed on a machine part that was sitting next to the stand. For a mental image of how I landed take a bowl flip it up side down and put on a spoon in the middle standing on end. I bent over backwards like that when I landed. The contact point was just above my tailbone directly on my spine in a 3 inch square area. We could do the math of a 280 lbs mass falling five feet and that energy focused on that small of an area. But that's the physicality of it and what I experienced makes this ..not matter (pun intended)

What I experienced- at the moment I realize I was going over and couldn't stop the fall the adrenaline kicked in... I had a vision more real then anything was of the accident forum.... I am a union safety rep for over 20 years and have help many of my co workers with their paper work after an accident... and I could see mine...I saw my coworkers filling out the start of it out cause I was on my way to the hospital... I saw the safety committee filling in their parts and could feel how bad they felt for me... I saw me on a long road to recovery... laying in a hospital bed...broken back...out of work My family struggling to pay bills... friends and family being supportive but I could also feel how they felt bad for me... I saw this clear as day all at once and could feel the fear it was generating in me....

But then I just stopped... I though to my self I really don't like this.. It occurred to me that I was in "time dilatation" form the adrenaline. I had time I didn't need to jump to that conclusion. What else could there be I thought. And what I can only describe as like water being poured into a glass.. a memory came to me from my childhood.

 A month earlier the shops welder went on vacation and the welder from another mine came to cover for him. This welder is a childhood friend of mine. We spent some time catching up and we talked about how we loved jumping off of things and that feeling of falling through the air. We, as kids, would laugh and jump off of things and enjoy the feeling joy as we fell. (see where this is going??). It never occurred to us we could hurt ourselves. We just enjoyed the feeling and the moment and how it seems to just stretch out. Almost glide down. So I said to him "remember jumping out of my bedroom window?...the edge of the roof?....the peak of the roof of my parents house?" He confirmed he did. I even told him to drive by the old neighbourhood and look at my parents house and think about what we were doing as kids. Of course he did and came back the next set in disbelief that we did that and that we probably got our memories mixed up. We didn't.

That was the memory that came to me like a glass of water being filled. I felt the joy of that time in my life. I knew I liked it way better then the accident forum reality that presented itself to me in the first instant. One filled me with fear... the other though with love. I held on to the childhood memory like it was the only thing in that moment... embraced it..lived it... words don't really express how it became ME.

To me when I opened my eyes after I had chosen the happy memory ,and made it me, it felt like I was floating down. I saw the grab handle for the equipment pass me in slow motion.. I tried to reach for it but missed.. didn't care I was filled with this feeling of floating and happiness. Again in slow mo I felt my shoulder hit the tool cart that was sitting there... saw it slide away and reached for it but again it was out of reach and it still didn't even occur to me that it was a problem that I couldn't reach it... I was feeling everything in that moment as I felt as a kid jumping off my parents roof with my friend laughing and just pure happiness. I stopped floating and stood up.

Two men working in the next stall saw me fall and came running over. "how are you standing...are you not hurt.??" I knew in my heart I could not let that other reality enter into me or them or anywhere. I ,while still holding that feeling of joy/love,  put my hands on each of their shoulders ( a trick I learned from boardroom meetings that by touching them when I told them what I was going to say would make it more real to them)looked them straight in the eyes and said "Brothers (evoking our union brother comrade making it more personal and therefor more real for them) the welding screen must have blocked your view... I slid down the machine and really only sat down hard on my tail bone. I'm good..little bruised but I AM OK."

I walked over to my bosses office and filled out the accident forum as slid down the machine while losing my balance and holding the grab bar on the machine. The two co workers accepted the reality I gave them and reported the same in the witness section. MY GOD WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF I ACCEPTED THE FIRST REALITY... I know I did something ,that at the time, was unexplainable. I needed to know how!!!!

Now I would like to mention I am presently experiencing great synconicity in my life now cause I have refused to let go of that feeling of joy/happiness/love/floating as kid. You may have noticed the feeling I held on to to save myself into a better reality was one that had recently just been presented to me. I see syncronicity in that... I see that I synchronized two others to my reality as well.

And it gets better. In my openness to syncornisity and this onesness of love I'm holding on to and feeling.. I have noticed my friends have been gaining great insight in their lives through conversations with me (and Im not even saying anything). I always believed that we are all one and people in our lives are really just reflections of ourselves. One friend in particular while he was complaining to me about his situation with this ex wife and new girlfriend... I turned to him and said "you realize you are calling your ex-wife into your life and that's why she calls with problems when its date night... and if you realize that and stop putting energy into it i.e. fearing she will call... she wont" His face went blank... "are you reading my emails" just kind of blurted out of him. This wasn't the first time he heard this... but I could see it was the first time he HEARD it if you know what I mean. I took the opportunity while his mind was blown wide open and added " understand we are all connected and we are creating this universe individually as well as together.. and I am just a reflection of you... if this message has been coming up from other people in your life and from me then the universe is sending you a message and maybe you should listen". Yeah I kicked him right down the rabbit hole. Sorry bud digest that for awhile...

But there's more.... next day I'm talking again with this friend and explaining myself... how atoms are really just made of packets of light held by electromagnetic forces that we can change etc... he stops me and calls over another guy we work with ,Claude, and tells me he believe in this stuff too. We quickly talk about how we are responsible for everything in our life... we created it after all!! As we turn to go back to work Claude turns to me and asks have you heard of Dr. Joe Dispenza? At that point I had briefly... I knew he was on documentaries on the Gaia network that I watch. Went home that night looked up Dr.Joe to find out he was in one of my favorite "what the bleep do we know" and I selected and watched E-motion again Dr.Joe is in it.

When I returned the next day I told Claude how I watched a documentary about Dr.Joe's message and how I saw the truth in it. He turned to me and told me a story of how he took his wife to a workshop put on by Dr. Dispenza. His wife entered in a wheelchair with three herniated discs in her back unable to walk on her own for years... when she left she walked half a block to her hotel... walked a full block the next day.. and is up to 5ish KM a day ever since. So I watched everything I could with DR.joe in it. My girlfriend noticed this and bought me Becomming SuperNatural for Christmas. I honestly feel this book was always coming to me... its the right time for me to have this information and better yet to understand it as I now do.

Well I have been told this message enough now... not only did I experience the power of creating my reality first hand and realized it ....but since my accident the universe has been pointing out Dr.Joe Disenza's work to me over and over and over again. as if to say "Hey WAKE UP.... everything you have been interested in and believed in your life about how reality works IS TRUE... OH YEAH and here's the ACTUAL MANUAL explaining not only how you did it but how you can take full control of it."

I have held this feeling of love/joy in my heart ever since I wont let it go. I have used it to manifest a growing group around me of people aligned with this work. I used it to finish my apprenticeship with out studying. My youngest daughter ,who is technically my step daughter from my marriage, has since asked me to adopt her. My divorce has finally come to a conclusion peacefully (and really it wasn't going that way until I changed post accident). I am using it to manifest better relationships,and a better career. True this all started before I read the book but this Book Becoming Supernatural has shown me how everything I already knew fits together... and how to get better at doing it. And really "Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself" shows how my elevated feelings and intentions can effect the past... so did I really do that stuff before reading the book? Quantum world says doesn't matter it all works anyway. And I also will mention I realize that if I don't bring this into my life, do the work and send the energy back to that moment in time that I might not have walked away from it. I must honor the gift that has been given to me.

Long story I know... I felt I had to tell it... I just want to express my feelings of gratitude to Dr.Joe Dispenza and his team for this book and his work. I look forward to moving forward with greater intent and creation. Already half way through Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and have been working with the guided meditations. Hope to see you all in Aug at the Toronto work shop.

Thank you doesn't express it enough but THANK YOU!
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Re: Dr Joe Dispenza, levitation and me
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2018, 06:30:49 PM »
Wow, robotdruid that was quite a story.  I love it.  You should share it in the student FB group.  Since it is quite long, maybe for FB, I suggest just copying the link from this discussion forum and pasting it in the Dr. Dispenza FB group. 

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Re: Dr Joe Dispenza, levitation and me
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2018, 07:16:38 PM »
That's a remarkable story. I have experienced massive healings from changing my thoughts and letting the divine do the heavy lifting. This stuff is what should be taught in schools. We work so hard unnecessarily trying to change matter with matter. It doesn't work all the time and it's too hard. What Dr. Joe teaches is true freedom.

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Re: Dr Joe Dispenza, levitation and me
« Reply #3 on: February 20, 2018, 10:49:25 AM »
Hey Druid,
I concur. Please share on FB. That is a truly wonderful story of who you/we really are. Beautiful witness to being out of the programming of fear even in the midst of an accident. Namaste!

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Re: Dr Joe Dispenza, levitation and me
« Reply #4 on: April 10, 2018, 09:04:48 AM »
Thank you so much for sharing this robotdruid!

To know ordinary people experience these amazing events makes my own seeking for the mystical more plausibly attainable.

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Re: Dr Joe Dispenza, levitation and me
« Reply #5 on: April 18, 2018, 06:45:14 PM »
Interesting story.

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Re: Dr Joe Dispenza, levitation and me
« Reply #6 on: February 21, 2019, 08:31:23 PM »
This is so inspiring...thank you! Would love to hear more of what else you have created!