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General Discussion / Re: brain orgasms
« Last post by Walk in Beauty on Today at 08:03:29 PM »
I haven’t experienced them myself, but they are supposed to be good. There is a large community of Dr Jo followers on Facebook so if you do not get answers here plug Dr Joe Dispenza in the Facebook search and join as many of them as you like. Dr Joe Soulmates has a large active family.

To understand the mechanics it is explained in the book Becoming Supernatural in the chapter on the pineal gland. The breath both speeds up the circulation of the cerebral spinal fluid and puts pressure on the Pineal gland causing the crystals within the gland to vibrate.

I believe these gasms open one up to receiving information and creative downloads.
General Discussion / brain orgasms
« Last post by nahidzare on Today at 10:52:45 AM »
I have been experiencing brain orgasms and have them almost in every meditation. When it first started to happen, I remember I would get scared and open my eyes. But now I let go. My question is what actually happens in the brain when this experience occurs? How beneficial is this?   :)
General Discussion / Re: Gratitude: Tips for Success
« Last post by luigijd on Today at 10:00:05 AM »
Greetings Dear Friends!

I'd like to engage our community in a conversation on the topic of gratitude.  I would love to hear what tips you have to offer as to how you get yourself into a state of authentic gratitude - both in your meditations and/or during your waking hours.

When I first started meditating, I found this to be a challenge.  I wasn't able to pull up feelings of gratitude on cue and so I would struggle to get into an authentic frequency.  The gratitude I was reaching was contrived and not authentic.  Instead of getting frustrated, I decided to examine the situation and reach for a creative solution to set myself up for success instead of failure.

What resonated with me and what I've been using since revolves around my connection to Nature.  I imagined a past experience when I felt tremendous awe for her striking beauty - a sunset over the ocean, a glorious rain storm, or a mountain vista that swallows you whole.  This opens me up to a deep sense of gratitude that can consume me and most importantly, that I can call upon with consistent results.  It's been a fantastic tool and really changed the quality of my meditations.

Another wonderful tool I use to get into an authentic state of gratitude is to connect to Dr. Joe's heart.  During times when I've been struggling in my meditations and I can't reach my "nature gratitude", I focus on the deep respect I have for Dr. Joe and my wish to honor everything he's done to bring this work to all of us.  Dr. Joe once said in a testimonial, "Don't thank me, just do the work.  You are my inspiration to continue on."  That was a very powerful message for me because it's just that - so authentic and true.  If I want to thank Dr. Joe for stepping into the unknown all those years ago when he healed his back from the bike accident and energetically support everything he's worked for - his life's work - then my job is to DO the work.  Not try, but DO.  Dr. Joe has a beautiful heart and touching upon his inner beauty has connected me to gratitude in a deep and affirmative way.

Here's a great blog post by Dr. Joe on this topic of Authentic Gratitude:

It is an honor to be here in community with each and every one of you.  This work is tremendous in so many ways.
 I look forward to reading your responses and creating a powerful thread of supportive tips for the benefit of all!

in gratitude-
organic light

thank you for sharin..i cried reading it x
General Discussion / Re: Volunteer question
« Last post by Stellla on July 17, 2019, 08:23:24 PM »
Geniuses, l've attended a number of Advanced  WS. I would like to volunteer at a future event,  my question is,  if l apply and  l wasn't successful,  would l be able to  attend  event as as a participant ( could l register?) Or should l register for event as participant  and also apply for volunteer position incase l was unsuccessful in my volunteer application? Thanks  geniuses  :)

Hello Jai,

Here is the video on "how do i become a volunteer"
General Discussion / Re: Volunteer question
« Last post by Walk in Beauty on July 17, 2019, 06:11:55 PM »
I think you have to be signed up for a specific event to  volunteer, a form is sent to you. I believe it comes with half off the workshop price. From what I’ve seen all of the volunteers have had amazing healings themselves, so be sure to include anything of that type in your submission.

I hope you get chosen, that would be an amazing experience!
General Discussion / Re: Letter
« Last post by Walk in Beauty on July 17, 2019, 06:06:06 PM »
I think you should get a guitar and put these thoughts into a song, there is something intriguing about your thoughts in a disjointed, meandering way. The  squirrels would like it and maybe you’d get practiced enough to play coffee shops or post on YouTube.

Was there anything particular you wanted to learn about Dr Joe Dispenza’s methods?
General Discussion / Letter
« Last post by joni2grey on July 17, 2019, 03:56:05 PM »

In Santa Claus, i really believe, but he never came to me so, you are my last hope.

Looking out the window at Russia, I see aggression, in the same time my butt feels amiss from the west,
so it's hard for me to sleep at night.
So I slept well, Mom gives me wine, after which I want to smoke, and i have to steal cigarettes from my father,
I sometimes get weird cigarettes, after which I stay well.
On certain days, by the night, when my parents have a lot of fun, they kick me out to my friends. I don’t know why they do it, but I do not lose heart
and I made a hut near the house
with one floor above ground and one below ground.
There squirrels bring me nuts.
I have to eat nuts with squirrels to gain strength.
When I gain strength, I like to go to school before anyone else.
First to clean up in our class.
I have to leave last, because I need to write homework for my friends.
For that they let me go to school. Where I can see the most beautiful girl in our city.
I saw you in our church, on the icon, where you smiled at me.
They said you were almighty and, you are everywhere.
Please pass the letter to Santa Claus when you meet him.
Tell him, I'm waiting for christmas the Sega Mega Drive 16 bit.
But my mother told me not to give anyone our address. I don`t know what she is hiding.
Instead of our address, she gave me a paypal address.
if you give out even a second to me i will be the most happy in the world.

Thank you so much!

Joni Grey

My paypal address,
I really want to emigrate to paypal
Meditation Questions / Re: Envisioning Potentials
« Last post by Stellla on July 17, 2019, 08:07:03 AM »
I'm going to add a point about goal setting based on something I'm currently learning.

When you set a goal you do so from a present state of consciousness. And by experiencing
it as real in your mind and doing the energy work your state of consciousness will rise.
From this new and elevated perspective it's often valuable to review the goal, change
the goal or even drop it.

Another point. If you're stuck and there is no sense of progress stop and notice you
are stuck. This is feedback to listen to. So pay attention to your intuitive guidance.
Perhaps a tweak of the goal will align it more with your head and heart. Then instead
of concentrating to manufacture joy, the goal joyfully calls to you!

Think about goals you've had in the past that were a beautiful obsession. You didn't need to
go through a rigorous multi step goal setting process. Instead the goal arrived wrapped in
joy and you couldn't stop thinking about it. Get closer to that state of mind and you'll design
a goal that lights you up. Those goals come about with effortless ease.

As well, note the difference between flow and effort. When visualising do so from a sense of
flow and ease. The same principle applies to taking action on the goal. If there's an absence
of ease and a lot of effort with limited or no progress that's an indicator you need to clear
some inner blocks or set a new goal that is better for you and others.

Finally, it's good to set a very small goal to test the mechanics of your goal setting and goal
creation approach. Why? Because you'll have a short feedback loop. You'll get feedback in
hours or days. This will enable you to adjust and optimise what works best for you.

Great thread, thank you all.

Great suggestions WaterWalker!

Dr Joe suggests the same thing in his Tuning Into New Potentials Meditation. He asks to choose something you would like to play with like a mystical experience, something easy to manifest but enough to give you the confidence and faith :) I loved that idea <3
General Discussion / Re: Tuning down stress response - your testimony
« Last post by Walk in Beauty on July 17, 2019, 07:44:59 AM »
It seems all of searchers are finding the same sources! Sahdguru is fav if mine too! And I can never get enough reminders of hoe DR joe’s Practices work too, Thank you!
General Discussion / Re: Tuning down stress response - your testimony
« Last post by Stellla on July 17, 2019, 07:38:39 AM »
Hi everyone! :)

I am under a lot of objective stressors and I have to ride along for now, until I manifest something different.  I've been practicing for a while and read the books, but for some reasons, change is coming slowly.  I got really sick in the spring and am starting again my practice despite all the challenges I am going through in ALL areas of my life.

Sometimes I am discouraged, and reading others help.  Last night I couldn't sleep and was so stressed I could feel the hormonal cocktail being released and my hearth beat super fast.  Like if threats were real.
Anyhow, I am sure I am not the only one in this kind of situations.

I need to go through the next few months and remain healthy despite all those objective stressors (i.e. single parent, working +++, caregiver of a sick parent, etc etc).

Any tips, help, testimonies??

Thank you wonderful people.


Dear LuminonC,

First thing that came to mind was Sadhguru’s explanation of stress that I find helps me thru difficult times….” Manage yourself, not your stress”

“Stress is not a part of your life. Stress is just your inability to manage your own system. Stress happens not because of the nature of your circumstances…

It is just that you do not know how to manage your body, your mind, your emotions, your energy, your chemistry – you do not know how to manage anything. You are functioning by accident, so everything is stressful.

So stress is just our  inability to manage the inner situation, not the outer situation. Essentially, the quality of our lives changes and transforms not because we change the content of our lives, but only because we change the context of our lives. If someone is living a beautiful life, it does not mean he is doing something different.”

“On a certain day, three men were working in one place. Another man came by and asked the first man, “What are you doing here?” The man looked up and said, “Are you blind? Can’t you see I’m cutting stone?” This person moved on to the next man and asked, “What are you doing here?” That man looked up and said, “Something to fill my belly. So I come here and do whatever they ask me to do. I just have to fill my belly, that’s all.” He went to the third man and asked, “What are you doing here?” That man stood up in great joy and said, “I’m building a beautiful temple here!” All of them were doing the same thing, but their experience of what they were doing was worlds apart.”

Every human being, every moment of his life could be doing whatever he is doing in any one of these three contexts – and that will determine the quality of his life, not what he is actually doing. How simple or complex an activity is doesn’t change the quality of your life. With what context you do it changes the quality of your life.
When you are stressed, you don't want to do even the simplest things - it sets up a different kind of momentum within you.

Sadhguru suggests to do the right type of yoga. If it is done properly - because yoga is a subjective science - if it is delivered properly, it will work like a miracle and make you feel better. Here is the link
 to Kundalini Yoga Practice for Beginners it mostly involves proper breathing, I usually do this practice on 1.5-1.75 speed so it usually takes me around 15 minutes to go through it…I am suggesting yoga in your case because in stressful situations it’s a lot harder to sit still and meditate. I would practice Hatha yoga as well
 and when you feel you can be in charge of your body a little more and the stress hormones subside I will try Dr Joe’s morning and evening meditations
 ( they are only 25 minutes each)  to start then aim for a specific goal and choose a longer meditation accordingly.

PS Yoga was the number one thing that basically saved my life while i was going through stressful times of losing a child and battling various substance addictions...i couldn't meditate under stress like that so moving your energy thru yoga led to calmer body and so the meditation followed.... Hope it helps <3

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