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Meditation Questions / Re: HELP!
« Last post by Kathy on Today at 06:35:00 AM »
Hi Fischer! As I read through your post and Walk in Beauty's thoughts, I had a sudden idea - so I thought I would share it in case it helps as you continue the work.

I saw where you mention that you are a "very strong listener" - so here's the idea. If you have trouble VISUALIZING an intention/emotion/etc, maybe do an experiment where you are SPEAKING or HEARING your intention/emotion/etc.

For example, let's say you want to visualize being pain-free, but can't quite "see" it. Because you "hear," maybe you can create an audio in your head - maybe something like where you are on the phone with someone, telling them how wonderful you feel, in fact it's been years since you felt so wonderful!

The "conversation" can be someone speaking to you as well - something like, "Wow! You look so happy and well! I love seeing you moving around without pain!"

I did this once myself - before I knew about Dr. Joe's work. I had tried to imagine a little better eyesight, and I kept practicing "hearing" my optometrist saying, "You're RIGHT! Your eyes ARE stronger!" in her very specific voice.

The crazy thing was that when I went to see her several months later, she said EXACTLY THAT - in the EXACT tone of voice I imagined. It was a catalyst for me to start exploring this type of work further.

So, it wasn't as strong a VISUAL as it was something I could really HEAR in my head.

I hope that helps, if only a little! :)
Meditation Questions / Re: Blessing of the energy centers
« Last post by Me78 on Today at 06:04:17 AM »
I think it only exists for Apple. If I try the Android versions I find on the internet, the links don't work😞
I’m using your visual today karopega, thanks!
In The Morning and Evening meditation each is 25 min long. Turning your love Inward is also. All of them youwill love!
Meditation Questions / Re: Suppressing vs Allowing
« Last post by Walk in Beauty on Today at 05:53:45 AM »
Hm, I find that living in the moment there is no negative thoughts, just challenges to overcome.

When I started out, like you OrangeVela, I would be so in the emptiness I could not recall what I wanted to fix. I had to choose some things before I meditated each time.
There are several on YouTube if you search Dispenza meditations there, otherwise they can only be bought, copyright laws are strict.

There are scripts in the back of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, and You Are The Placebo, you can record your own with background music and a voice record app. I have several that I made and I love them, they sound like my higher self directing me 🙂
Meditation Questions / Re: Blessing of the energy centers
« Last post by Walk in Beauty on Today at 05:45:30 AM »
I found it by typing “the change game” in the App Store search bar. I like it a lot, keeps me on track for my goals.
Meditation Questions / Re: HELP!
« Last post by Walk in Beauty on Today at 05:42:37 AM »
Everything you listed will come about with patience with yourself and the process, relax and enjoy as much as you can!

You do not need to be sitting upright to meditate, make yourself comfortable enough to keep attention, but not so comfortable that you fall asleep.

Maintaining focus takes time. You will improve so gradually that you can’t notice it happening. When you realize you have lost attention just gently, not judging yourself, direct your attention back to the words. Same time everyday, never miss a day and even twice a day meditation will speed your progress.

Sensing space... perhaps you can get creative using senses other than visual...? Feel the spot like a warm ball then feel the heat emanating from it as the space around it? Hear the spot as a dull thump when you knock on it then hear a differing ring resounding from it?

My husband and I began using the Longevity Paradox by Dr Steven Gundry to direct our eating habits, one of the benefits is alleviating pain, it may help you also. This is an interview with Dr Gundry.
Dr Joe says trust your gut, meaning the 2 nd energy center has a brain and will tell us if a situation is best for us.

What you just shared is very similar to how aI manifested my life partner. Once I started to draw him to me I would look at each new date as being “the one” but it turned out they were bringing me experience to recognize the real deal when he came along.

My counselor during divorce told me if I wanted to do this right I would not date for a full year from the final divorce date. I thought this cruel, but it turned out I learned so much about what made me happy instead of accommodating a partner.

I wish you every happiness in the future you are creating by doing what is best for you!
Meditation Questions / HELP!
« Last post by Fischer on Today at 05:12:15 AM »
To anyone who can contribute <3

I have read "You are the Placebo". I'm about to read "Evolve your brain". I've been praticing for four and a half month, following the progres instructed in the FAQ, starting with BHBY water rising and bodyparts then the YAP meditations followed by BEC 1 plus the morning - and evening meditations, and just a few days ago, I started the BEC 2.
I'm a true believer and pratitioner problem is, that there's lots of believing and practioning but a lak in experience.

Today, in my morning meditation, I simply broke down in tears. It's like I'm never gonna get to that breakthrough. I'm so frustrated and worn down.

These are my challenges:
1 I have never been good at visualise things. In the early '90 I went to couse in the Silva Method, but I simply couldn't imagine and visualise (I'm a very strong listener instead).

2 I have some sense of my energycenters and the space around my body, but not a very clear and strong sense.

3 I'm struggling feeling those elevated emotions. It's  like my heart are completly closed. If I feel just a small sensation, it's such a struggle to hold on to it. Not to mention to be able to distinguish between them.

4 I have been struggling with myosis and pain in my body for many years now, and no matter if I sit on a meditations stol or an ordinary chair, I am so drawn back to my body. The very weight of my shoulders, when I relaxe during my meditations, starts significant myosis and pain in my sholders, neck, jaw and head. so during theese past months, where I meditate often more than one time a day, I'm constantly in pain in those areas.

Hope for some support, and perhaps a few good advice :)

Excuse for the errors. I'm not fluent in English

<3 Fisc
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