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Meditation Questions / Re: What do i wrong?
« Last post by Stefanie on Today at 03:21:02 AM »
Hello Walk in beauty,

thank you very much for your friendly help and advise with the script. I will try it. Thank you very much!

The light ist diffrent but always very powerful, like a cumulus cloud especially when i "send" my intention out.
After that it's like flying through a tube also with a lot of light.
But than, the same again, i ask myself is this me -thinking- or ist it that what should happen.
I apologize, i don't know better to explain it.

I think it is in the Progressive Workshop, that he mentioned, that he never said something about visualizing.

I think all in all i think too much so i can't relax.
General Discussion / Questions about the nature of what we want
« Last post by Adam on Today at 02:58:22 AM »
Hello all,

 While reading more material and reflecting on the practice I realized that sometimes the intentions and the “wanting” could have various sources.

When there is any kind of condition, physical, financial, emotional etc. that we want to overcome, heal. When we want to move from the old self to the new one:
How can we distinguish between:
* Calm and grounded in deep belief (like I heard of so many times in the YouTube testimonials)
* Or just a simple denial of a fact in reality?
( in your experience, how do you know if you are in the first or the second state ?)

When we want something, how can we distinguish between :
* Something we wish to attract from the quantum field into our reality,
* Or just an ego wanting (as described in becoming supernatural as a 3rd center low emotion)?
( same here, how do we know if we are in the first or the second state ?)

I guess both questions turn around whether the desire is selfless or selfish.
And of course, the question: if it is selfless, why would I want it?

Would you mind sharing your reflections and thoughts about it?

It sounds like you have thoroughly searched your soul for an answer. Personally I avoid any kind of surgery if I possibly can, and that is the only advice I have.

I do know the universe gives us anything we ask for, and people who cure themselves of serious health issues never miss a day in meditation but that it takes well over two years of this focused attention to accomplish it.

Are you willing and feel yourself truly wanting to overcome transgender thoughts by committing to a daily meditation practice of three years?
Meditation Questions / Re: Which meditation to continue
« Last post by Walk in Beauty on Today at 02:15:02 AM »
I think he says that because to me it seems why focus on my nostrils, knees etc when I can do some work getting negative emotions out of my energy centers.

I do love the Breaking and Placebo meditations and still do them with the exception that I will change out an energy center for a body part. They are great training for people who are new to meditation. I love the gentle coaxing way he performs them. Where the more recent meditations are about using the techniques to manifest the two originals are all about getting the mind and body cleansed of the junk that halts manifesting. And for me I need a refresher on this from time to time.
Lots to ponder in this thread!

For my part I just plain follow the techniques Dr Joe lays out as best I can. Dr Dean Radin, a 40 year veteran of Noetic sciences research, states this formula, every step of it is crucial, does create what we think about.
Not yet
Meditation Questions / Re: Little confirmation?
« Last post by frcomu on May 25, 2019, 11:30:25 PM »
Hi Brian, Yes, that's what I feel too. These "pricks" of electricity. So now you know this energy is really alive and all around us.

By the way, the Blessing of the Energy Centers meditations now go up to #7. Of course, if you are happy with the one you've got, then you should continue. They have evolved over time with different music.
Meditation Questions / Which meditation to continue
« Last post by Gael on May 25, 2019, 07:42:40 PM »

Unfortunately, I have not yet attended a live event.  However in the Progressive class, Dr. Joe speaks about never having to do the early meditations again and the finish of the 9 week course is BEC.
So, is it best to continue only doing Blessing of the Energy Centers every day?  Or is it still helpful to go back and do earlier meditations?
Overcoming Health Challenges / Overcoming transgender thoughts
« Last post by GBG on May 25, 2019, 10:26:13 AM »

I dont identify with categories but to explain this simply, I am transgender. I am about to make the transition to the other gender but I have doubts. My whole life I have been trying to trascend this transgender thoughts with no success. I have tried many meditations, retreats, ayahuasca, spiritual teachings, etc. I would like to know your opinion on this question: is it possible to overcome my transgender thoughts and make them disappear or is it my essence thats asking for the right body?

Left-Brain Lounge / Re: Just Past Identity There’s Something Amazing...
« Last post by EmrySunder on May 25, 2019, 06:30:35 AM »
This was a really amazing piece of rumination: thank you for that! Things that came as I read were the two places that you remarked, "in order to resolve today’s problems" and "humanity is truly stuck in a quagmire," both, for me (this identity) point to belief and illusion. There aren't any problems in the world, only people who believe that there are, who live limited and in an illusion of one version of reality. Surrounded by bombs and guns going off, we need not 'believe' it is war--who taught us this? It can be so many 'other' things too--other experiences can be occurring simultaneously (e.g., peace, love)--and at the least, in an unlimited coherence, we can alter this reality with one thought. The second one, "humanity being in a quagmire," is also an illusion, also a duality, a belief that you can trace back... follow the steps that allowed this idea to take root/form. In this moment, inhale/exhale, is the experience (of oneness with all) really a quagmire, or is this more incoherence, more a chosen perception?

Some of what you articulate about identity, I tend to regard as illusions and their layers--like dreams, we can unravel past lives and all the various moments we were led to believe in an illusion. So the freedom of breaking the illusion offers a state of its opposite: (choose your word) I like 'becoming' as it shows movement, one that continues.

Where are you at with these ideas now? How have they guided and developed?
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