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P.S Minnie

I just seen another thread started by Corinastratulat looking to buy a ticket, she has also left her phone number.

Good luck X
Oh no Minnie,

Not you as well, how disappointing for you. Am really sorry to hear that.

YanaShi actually left her phone number for direct contact, you'll find it on the thread started by UkShaz ( I may have to sell my ticket)

I hope you both get sorted.

Elaine x
General Discussion / Weird Experience : Opinion welcomed
« Last post by Song on Today at 12:46:22 PM »
Hello Everyone,

I'm new to this forum. In my first post, I want to share my experience, applying Joe Dispenza's advice from his books. I didn't do many meditations until now, but I have tried to apply the knowledge and reflect as much as I can from his books "evolve your brain" and "supernatural".

Me and my girl moved to a new city because she got a job offer there. I was unemployed because I am a part-time student and part-time working but I always focused on that feeling that "I don't know how, but everything will be alright" so I found a job in no time at a pretty famous company in the new city and the same goes for the apartment. It is very hard to find an apartment where we live now, but I found it in no time one day before her first day at work started. She was desperate because her job almost started and she had no time to find an apartment, but I found us the best apartment just 5 minutes away from her job.

But then I was not satisfied, already after 3 months at my new job I knew I want to make much more money and that I was not gonna stay there, because I didn't see a future at that company, yet it was good for my CV. I did not complain, nor was I trying to be negative, instead I said thank you to myself for my boss and my job, I had a very good relationship with everyone. But once I started to be even thankful for everything despite knowing that I am not where I need to be, I suddenly got fired. My supervisor said they like me but it seems like my performance is a bit low and it seems like I had imagined it to be different. We ended our working relationship with class and no hate, I even brought a gift to say "thank you" when I left the office on the next day. I know it sounds like I might just have underperformed, but the timing was weird, and also, I actually tried to do my job well, no matter I liked it or not.

Maybe I am interpreting too much into what happened, but it seems like once I did something very unusual for my "old self" which was being thankful for everything I had, I suddenly got fired. I still do not know what is coming in the near future, I feel optimistic, but this was a hell of a weird experienced. The reason I find it weird is because, usually when I have bad luck or something goes bad is when I am negative and complaining, but this time I was actually thankful.

I wonder if anybody ever experienced this.

Thanks for reading.

Meditation Questions / How did Joe Dispenza heal himself?
« Last post by TC01 on Today at 11:47:56 AM »
I’ve read You Are The Placebo and I was hoping to learn more about how he rebuilt his vertebrae as that’s was drove me on the finish the book because I wanted to make a biological change. I was a bit disappointed at the end though as healing and changing your biology in the way that he did isn't really explained in the meditations. Does anyone know about how he did it in 6 weeks and did it really happen as I’ve not seen any other reference to it?
Meditation Questions / Re: Near out of body experience problem
« Last post by ryanherron on Today at 09:20:01 AM »
i shake like a dang jackhammer. it starts with my lips quivvering each time... thats how i know its coming. my head feels like its about to pop... yet im still too afraid to take the big plunge. i think i havent experienced an obe is because i am afraid and im always wondering if my wife will think im nuts, even though she says she cant wait for the day i fall out of tge bed and blabber like a madman lol. stay with it. go just a bit further each time 😀

gosh i love this forum! yall are awesome! better than checking the news or facebook for sure!
Hi YanaShi,

Do you still need a ticket for the Edinburgh event?  I may need to sell mine.

Please let me know

Thank you soooo much W.I.B!!!  I passed it along to my friend who's been looking to get some Dr J reading material!
Meditation Questions / Re: Mental State getting worse
« Last post by ryanherron on Today at 08:47:58 AM »
im almost 6 weeks in. 3 weeks in, my life totally fell apart (in the eyes of the world). at the lowest, my wife lost her job. i lost mine. our son had a nasty fever.... ALL ON THE SAME DAY.

long story short... stay with it and do whatever you have to do to keep your mind present. i wear headphones around my neck everywhere so that i can slip them on anywhere.

life doesnt seem to be getting better from the perspective of others but OMG things have totally turned around healthwise. its a struggle each day but i just try to work through it and keep my thoughts clean.

i wanted to stop at one point. i even thought i might be demon possessed or cursed at one point. work through it. you will be happy you did.

hope that helps 😀
Neuroscience and the Brain / Re: Neuroscience & the Brain
« Last post by Ron Vogel on Today at 07:18:27 AM »
Hello Toni,

I know I'm coming really late to this game, but here's a thought for you.

Chances are, you won't get it all at one time.

Just remember this: Neurons that fire together, Wire together. Maybe it takes multiple readings to get it. Don't try to get it, just read it. Keep firing the neurons, and let them wire together. You might even find that after numerous readings that you will be able to predict what he's going to say. Maybe after that, without referring to the book, write a summary or essay about the book.

A bit late, but hope that helps and that you're still working on it :)

Ron V.
Hi Linda,
thank you! I have already gotten a ticket!
Hoping to see you on Friday :D

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