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Title: Anybody here trying to heal from multiple myeloma?
Post by: bonchi on February 01, 2019, 08:08:43 AM
Hello everybody,

I am amazed to learn about the healing experiences that so many people manifest.  My husband got diagnosed with Multiple myeloma last October.  As you all know, dealing with a cancer diagnosis is something that you never expect. 
Thankfully we have known about Dr Joe for about 4 years now.  I dont know how we would be feeling if it wasnt for all the teachings and concepts that he shares with all of us. 
My husband and I have been meditating on his healing and planning to attend an advanced workshop in the US this year.  He is not doing chemo but instead trying to heal his body naturally with nutrition and natural techniques.  I would like to know if anybody here has MM and would like to share his/her experience with meditation. 
Thanks in advance geniuses
Title: Re: Anybody here trying to heal from multiple myeloma?
Post by: Kathy on February 03, 2019, 01:31:23 PM
Hi @bonchi,
I don't personally know anyone who has used these meditations for multiple myeloma; however, there ARE some testimonials at the main Dr.JoeDispenza.net site from people who have worked with other cancers.

Also, there is a discussion going on right now where a dad has been reaching out to others to help his son heal from a terrible accident - this part of the thread is where he talks about groups he's been reaching out to on Facebook, etc: https://www.drjoedispenza.net/forum/index.php/topic,1751.msg7202.html#msg7202

In the meantime, I'm sending your husband love and light!
Title: Re: Anybody here trying to heal from multiple myeloma?
Post by: bonchi on February 04, 2019, 07:34:38 AM
Thank you so much Kathy!

I have seen some of the amazing testimonials and recently watched the netflix production called "HEAL."  All this information is so amazing!
Our bodies are amazing and sometimes we dont give them enough credit and empower them to heal themselves. 
thanks for your wishes and reply!
I saw the thread about the accident.  It is so cool to have a community helping him too.
Title: Re: Anybody here trying to heal from multiple myeloma?
Post by: Kathy on February 04, 2019, 11:08:41 AM
You are welcome!
That's wonderful about the Netflix movie! Yes, there is so much we have yet to understand... Keep reaching out to people, and stay connected with the healing communities.
:) Sending love and healing light!
Title: Re: Anybody here trying to heal from multiple myeloma?
Post by: Lynx on April 21, 2019, 03:10:38 PM
Hi Bonchi
yes, me  ;) and I did not do any Chemo. I'm doing too well :-)
Where shall I begin? I was diagnosed "by chance", at the age of 48, as some blood values weren't really as they should, in the beginning of november 2016. Was a complete shock. To cut a very long story quite short: I started immediately to search, read and and analyse scientific papers about complete remissions and other findings around MM, tried to understand, started due to that with guolin qi gong (medical type of qi gong with an impressive healing rate, mostly found in chinese publications, not via google) and supplements (green tea, curcumin, vitamin D, ...).  I learned about the work of Dr. Joe in 2017 through a therapist and stayed with it. I visited as many as possible advanced and weeklongs (4). I am doing as many as possible remote and "3D" healings (challenging for me due to work and 2 teenies as single parent...) in different groups, US / Europe, not just as healee. I'm not healed yet, but my blood values are getting slightly better, I do much better in my everyday life now than two years ago. I work normally, possibly too much. I do whatever makes (biological & other) sense to me and do now daily meditations. It was difficult for me to stay constantly in the work and really meditate daily. I'm getting better, also through the support of the local group and the whats app chats where I'm in. We meet weekly for walking meditations. Nutrition might help a lot too. I eat strictly carb free, (except red wine every now and then ;D), as healthy as possible, biologically grown and no junk food. I'm optimising with two docs that are helpful in "blood tuning" (after Dr. Strunz, a German Doc) and herbal medicine/chinese medicine and my alternative therapist, she also taught me tapping and other techniques, tested kinesiologically what I needed at the moment. I meet them just every now and then. In my everyday life I do have almost no restrictions, I restarted to do sports and that helps too... Most important for me were the weeklongs with the healings, those gave me more time to get deeper and more intense into the meditations. I will get back and write more lateron, contact me if you want, anytime.  At the moment I'm on holiday with my teenagers: today we played squash and I've done some additional work out sessions :-) . I started to feel more "whole", just as everyone should be: healthy, full of energy, gratitude and love.
My very sceptical oncologist thinks I am quite stable at the moment, if he would not be so sceptical he would say "slightly better" . I have to go for blood testing all 4 months.
Wish you all the very very best on your journey and keep patient, meditate daily, as often as possible, and do a week long as soon as possible.
Sending you love, coherence, all healing frequencies and whatever you need most at the moment!