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Title: Law of One
Post by: SuttonValley on January 31, 2019, 08:03:06 AM
If you are Religious -- Christ Consciousness
If you are a Physicist -- Unified Field Theory
If you are Hindu -- Indra's Net
If you are Native American -- Web of Life
If you are in Psychology -- Super Consciousness
What ever you call it, they are all the same.  We are all connected by the Law of ONE

I am new to this forum and want to share.  I have been interested in how vibrations affect us since I helped a man 25 years ago recover from a bad liver after exposure to agent orange in Vietnam.  The doctor's gave him 3 months to live and a friend of his came to my herb store for help.  I researched and sold her Thisilyn, a milk thistle product.  After 2 months his liver enzymes were back to normal, he went on to get married and just passed away recently.  He lived another 25 years, not 3 months as the physicians told him.

Why does milk thistle help the liver, who figured that out, and how?  It is all based on vibrational frequencies.  Milk Thistle evidently matches the frequency of a healthy liver.  How did people get this information -- by accessing the higher consciousness.  Since then I have done it many times for many different things from repairing cars to health to Bible questions.

When I read the Supernatural book, I knew everything in it except for one thing.  I had gotten most of the information by accessing the Consciousness.  What the book did for me was to verify that others were not only getting this info also but that there were tests by HMI to back it up. 

A few years ago I inadvertently made a green biophoton, but I had no idea that could be done or even what it was at the time. Now I am reading where they are taking measurements of photons in seminars.

What I would like from the forum are other stories about how connecting to the Christ Consciousness helped them?
I am also interested in a group of like minded people who want to Consciously Connect for specific reasons and see what we can Manifest together.

Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: Kathy on January 31, 2019, 11:25:03 AM
Hi SuttonValley!
Welcome aboard!

I, too, believe in the Oneness of all things.

What a wonderful and interesting story about the person you helped with the veteran who suffered from exposure to agent orange! Wow!

Yes, the vibrational frequencies are definitely key to understanding.

You mentioned wanting to Consciously Connect with others: There are a few folks in the forum right now that are seeking help for various reasons (check some of the more recent posts, and you will see some) and I know that additional "hands on deck" will be more than welcome! :)

Looking forward to hearing more from you!
Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: Kathy on January 31, 2019, 11:28:52 AM
Oh! I forgot to ask - even though I looked up "green biophoton" I am not sure I understand fully. Can you tell me more about what this is?

On another note, I was struck by your mention of the milk thistle matching the frequency of a healthy liver.

I happen to have some milk thistle in the pantry, and am thinking that it may be time for me to steep some! I could use it...
Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: SuttonValley on January 31, 2019, 02:40:07 PM
Thanks for the input about other Consciously Connecting with others.

I read that HMI who collects data at the seminars checks photon levels in the room.  Photons are particles of Light and a biophoton is one made by a biological entity -- me.  It just happened to be green, not sure why, I know that is the heart center color.  I had a Spiritual Experience on my front porch one afternoon that is hard to explain but my daughter told me about the green biophoton when she came home later that night.  It was above where I was sitting and then it floated off.  Sometimes in photography they are picked up and called orbs.

Most of the studies done on milk thistle have been done on Natures Way -- Thisilyn.  I know thistle, and other herbs like dandelion clean out the liver which is the only organ that can regenerate itself.  In the old days people would drink spring tonics to clean them out after a long winter, something that most people don't do.  The Chinese also say anger is stored in the liver, fear in the kidneys, grief in the lungs, etc.
Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: organic light on January 31, 2019, 04:07:31 PM
Hi SuttonValley~

Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your wonderful story about healing with vibrational frequencies!  Amazing and so beautiful because it's healing with Truth and not an artificial contrivance. 

It's all about energy.  Magical.  Blissful.  Ecstatic.

I'm curious to know more about what you "see" as a potential for us as a community, in terms of working together towards a specific purpose?  I know people here on the forum are eager to expand and open to learning and connecting!

As Kathy mentioned, there are people here on the forum who are looking for support.  We currently have a healing circle for one of our forum member's son, Chas, who was in a near fatal car accident - it would be wonderful to have your energy in the mix!
Do you still own your herb store?  At one point in my life, I was ready to walk the path of becoming an herbalist.  It still speaks to me as I honor the plants and their innate wisdom. 

much love-
organic light
Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: SuttonValley on January 31, 2019, 07:36:15 PM
I would very much like to find some people who have actually made some progress in areas such as healing, connecting, manifesting different things.  I know the power is stronger with more people. 

Years ago I went to a church and we all picked an intention, at the time we were looking for a farm.  We listed 15 things and got every one of them and we listed things like, fireplace, away from the road, orchard, creek, extra cottage for company, etc, It went off market that week and the price dropped $30,000.  I felt we were successful because of the energy of all the participants.  I want something similar.

I have a 4 step intention that I have been working on and I already have two answered.  I was thinking we could set a time and send energy specifically for what we are working on.  I believe I understand how Spirit works in the Quantum Field, the laws are different, and I would like to work with some others that have done this also.

Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: Walk in Beauty on February 01, 2019, 03:17:43 AM
Dr Joe using science as the new unifying force we can all believe in strikes me as pure genius. He is so right that as soon as you use any terms associated with a religious belief people’s preconceived notions drive a wedge in our ability to get onboard.

Also what helps my belief is when I find bonafide scientists with tons of letters behind their names and decades in paranormal research outlining the process of manifestation in the same sequence Dr Joe’s meditations go about it.

I have listened to both Dr Dean Radin’s Audible books, Supernormal, and the latest, Real Magic. This interview from Inspired Nation is a terrific outline of how Dr Radin used his own research and those techniques to manifest an amazing outcome.


Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: SuttonValley on February 01, 2019, 07:07:20 AM
Organic Light-- I read thru the posts on the boy in the car wreck and sent info on some herbs and flower essences that I believe will help.  Thanks for your input in helping me be a part of this group.

Walk in Beauty--I so get what you said about using physics terms to describe this because religious terms immediately set people off.  I however am determined to get people to see that no matter the words used we are all talking about the same thing.  I live in a conservative area where people believe in evil spirits, that the Native Americans were wiped out because they were "heathen", where if you don't do things their way, you are wrong and following an errant path.  I am so done with that.  I am speaking up and telling stories and giving information no matter what people think or say.  It is a turning point in humanity and as the old system crashes and falls apart, people need to know there are more sustainable ways of living in harmony with one another.  We are all connected in the Law of One. 

    Spiritual Laws follow Quantum Physics laws that is why miracles seem so out of the ordinary.  We in the western part of the world especially in religion, medicine, science follow Newtonian laws.  Need to understand both if you want to progress into a more en-light-ened person.  I have a background in Science, Psychology and Religion and I can explain this work in any of these fields. 

    The information everyone needs is in the Consciousness of the Universe, what people don't understand is how to access it.  I have.  I am assuming others on this forum have also.  Let's unite and work on things together so that more people see we are all truly ONE.
Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: Walk in Beauty on February 01, 2019, 07:39:44 AM
Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: Kathy on February 01, 2019, 09:28:02 AM
I love where you're going with this SuttonValley! :)
Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: frcomu on February 01, 2019, 09:53:05 AM
Welcome to the group, Sutton Valley!

I‘m all for uniting and working together. I think that’s what we’re doing here. Each and everyone of us here is trying to manifest a new life, helping each other through our posts, replies and support. However you may be thinking of something different. Do let us know how you think we could connect to manifest together more effectively. You‘ve found the people.

I am also quite interested about what you had to say on herbs. Going to look for milk thistle as I know my liver needs cleaning. What herbs would you recommend for clearing the kidneys and lungs? Perhaps these would help in clearing these chakras so that energy flows through more easily.

And if you know of something for diabetes Typ 1, I‘d be grateful. I’m having difficulty controlling my blood sugar at the moment. Going haywire.

Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: organic light on February 01, 2019, 10:53:41 AM
Oooh - I'm getting the chills reading over everyone's posts!  This is the kind of "delicious" energy I love!  Thank you SuttonValley for bringing forward the inspiration for us to work together!!!

I'm going to present an idea here - just drop in a little imagineering to see if it resonates within the heart center of others.

First - a little background to the forum.  @frcomu made a comment in the healing circle thread for Chas wondering where all the participants from the events were and wishing they could be more active here on this forum.  That prompted me to reach out to a Dr. Joe team leader to inquire about how we can get people more involved here on this forum.

They were so kind to respond with a very detailed response where they shared that the Dr. Joe community is very active and thriving - but it's all over on Facebook and it's for the Advanced Students.  "Newbies" default to this forum and like @Walk in Beauty commented in another thread, once people attend the Advanced Workshop - they disappear from here and my educated guess would be that is because they are now part of the Advanced Student community on Facebook.

That being said - I go back to your comment @SuttonValley about wanting to work with those who have manifested or healed.  While I am sure many of us here have had our own personal accomplishments in this arena - the ones who have had the kind of "miraculous" healings by connecting to the Unified Field are over in Facebook.  They are part of the Advanced Student community that is separate from this forum.  We could then say that this "newbie" forum is a collection of students who have yet to attend an Advanced Retreat.

Now.  What if...

What if we work together to create (observe into manifestation - because Creation is complete) the ever-present potential of this "Newbie Forum" (whoever wishes to participate) going to an Advanced Retreat together...AND...we see ourselves on stage giving a testimonial as a group - saying into the microphone, "Greetings.  We are the Newbie Forum and we manifested this moment together!" 

Wouldn't that be fun?

Now, then we would have access to those who are healing, manifesting and living the work of Dr. Joe and we can begin networking with them and doing even larger and greater things together as a collective!  Woo Hoo!!!  Yummy.

In addition, we can use this as an opportunity to help each other.  Whomever wishes to participate will have to give their 100% and commit to this process and take responsibility for their own participation.  If someone is feeling stuck, they can come to the forum for support and we can help them through it.  In this way, it will be a FANTASTIC tool to help others learn - because the real learning here is in THE DOING! 

By DOING together as a collective, we can share - support - encourage and evolve together.  Love.  It.  And we can all hold the space for the manifestation - we can all observe that potential of us standing on stage together and introducing ourselves.  We collapse that potential and then just see where the ride takes us!


Let's see if this resonates and feel free to agree/disagree - this is a creative collaboration, so let's see where it takes us!  @SuttonValley - if you have a different vision, please share that as well!  This is just one potential that popped into my awareness!

And PS - yes, there are some things that those who commit would have to complete to be able to attend an Advanced Retreat.  For instance, taking the Online Intensive and Progressive Workshop is a prerequisite.  I believe he also wants students to have read his books?  Maybe someone can clarify that, but I do know the online workshops are a prerequisite. 

Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: frcomu on February 01, 2019, 11:40:06 AM
@Organic Light - I can’t tell you how excited I got when I read your post. I’m in.

I think Walk in Beauty can tell us what the requirements are for participation in the Advanced Workshop. I know we need the Progressive and Intensive Workshops and obviously you’d need to have read some books to know what’s going on. Although I read somewhere that reading all the books is a must, it is not mentioned as a requirement on the official website.
Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: organic light on February 01, 2019, 01:45:38 PM
@frcomu  Yay!  That's awesome that this potential of the "Newbie Forum" at the Advanced Retreat put a little zap in your zing!  Wouldn't that be so fun???  I am imagining a whole pile of us coming up on stage and everyone in the audience being like, "??? - who are these people and why are there so many?  What could they possibly have to share as a testimonial???"  Then we step forward and speak into the mic..."Greetings.  We're the Newbie Forum and we rocked this manifestation together!"  I think that would be thrilling.

Dr. Joe has an event in Portland, Oregon here in the United States come June.  That would give us 5 months to get everyone up to speed with requirements and stuff - plus, it would give us a "date" to aim for and focus our attention on.  Or maybe we choose one which is sooner - I know we're all eager to attend an Advanced Retreat!

Yes, it would be great to hear from Walk in Beauty as to what the requirements are since she's headed there this month! 

Looking forward to reading what others have to share!!! 
Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: Walk in Beauty on February 01, 2019, 03:27:28 PM
What you need to do to prepare for an Advanced Workshop:

The best deal is to sign up for the advanced AS SOON AS IT OPENS and at that time sign up for the online progress workshop which is available at a reduced rate. Otherwise just take the Progressive Workshop right away, you have access to it for 93 days, so watch it repeatedly, take tons of notes, use the meditations included daily, and do the exercises and employ those in your daily practice as well.

The cost if my Advanced Workshop was US$1,679. The hotel for 9 nights will be CAN$1,800 plus 22% in room taxes which is being split with a roommate.

You must have attended a Progressive Workshop before attending an Advanced Workshop.
Dr Joe wants everyone to have read all three books, Breaking the Habit, You are the Placebo and Becoming Supernatural, before attending. He needs everyone to be on the same page so he can teach new materials built on the previous work.

SIGN UP AS SOON AS YOU CAN. Your payment for the event will be charged to your credit card immediately. AS SOON AS YOU ARE ACCEPTED book a room at the event in the block of rooms reserved for it, this is the best possible rate and you walk from your room to the workshop indoors. It is a bit tricky discovering how to do it online in order to use the code, I think I recall using the regular hotel booking page not the link in the acceptance letter. Your credit card will not be charged until you check in. It is very easy to get a good roommate when you have a room at the event. If you can afford to a room to oneself to process an emotionally draining day is a good idea too.

There are other hotels close by in Vancouver, but some days start at 4 AM and some finish up, I hear, 9 PM. The event finishes at noon on the final day, and typically there is a huge party atmosphere so I am staying that night at the hotel, and staying the night before to be well rested after 4 airports and traveling all day.

Giving up your place at a workshop has a grace period of a few weeks, and after this you can only surrender it for a medical reason. You get all but $100 back but you keep the Mind Movies so that’s reasonable. You can not give your place to someone else. There are waiting lists if you wait too long to sign up, and there were quite a few people newly looking for roommates the past couple weeks.

There is an attendee hub to signup for immediately after getting a place that has all the info you need, an activity feed to post to others on like Facebook, and a messaging, and a datebook.

Upon buying the Advanced Workshop you will soon receive a lifetime access to Mind Movies, make one of these as soon as you can, you are going to manifest a lot of it in a short time and need to make others. It is very easy to use even on an iPad though laptop or desktop is easier. They have very good video tutorials and questionnaires helping you decide what you want in yours. You will also be able to purchase more advanced meditations.

Lunch, dinner, and a coffee break mid morning and afternoon, dinner is on your own.

You can request a healing, a form is made available a few weeks before the event. There are two apps to download that just arrived yesterday, so you’ll want to clean space on your phone and get a good set of Bluetooth headphones or earbuds for your Walking Meditations.

 Familiarize yourself with the weather and clothing required. I acquired rain gear- hooded jacket, pants, sturdy boots with good tread as well as gloves, hat, scarf and lots of layers because of the damp and cold. It seems the walking meditations and physical challenges are always outdoors.

Good athletic shoes are a must at all advanced workshops.

For indoor activities wear very comfortable clothes: athletic wear, knit materials. There is a lot of seated to laying down to seated in the longer meditations, which are 4 hours long. Bring light layers here as well in case you get chilly. I’m trying to pack light and usually overheat so I’m bringing a light knit shawl and a boxy fleece jacket to use as a blanket if need be, but I see lots of blankets and knit hats in the live streams I’ve viewed.

That’s about all you need to know at this stage.

Did I miss anything?
Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: organic light on February 01, 2019, 06:29:52 PM
@Walk in Beauty - Holy WOW!!!  Ask and you shall receive!   :)  Thank you so much for providing a detailed layout of what the entire process entails.  Very helpful and super informative!  As always, you are a treasure to this forum and this community here!
Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: frcomu on February 02, 2019, 01:44:44 AM
@ Walk in Beauty - I can only echo what Organic Light has said. Thanks for letting us know.

I somehow feel like an outcast. Those who have done the Advanced vs. those who haven't.  :'(

It is going to be so great. The program looks like it's going to be really intense. We look forward to hearing about it.
Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: Walk in Beauty on February 02, 2019, 03:15:16 AM
I was somewhat badgered into going to an advanced workshop, lol. The friend who introduced me to Dr Joe came back from her first and called me up so excited. I figured what the heck, I haven’t gone on extravagant vacation in many years I can do this.

I never felt I needed to before that. I had gotten rid of that anger and anxiety and that felt so wonderful I didn’t look for anything more. So while I was committing to going I committed to throwing my whole heart and soul into the preparations. I immersed myself in the Progressive Workshop, set some goals that seemed totally unrealistic and dang if they didn’t happen!

I am now so totally a believer in Dr Joe’s methods I will do whatever he says. I am so diligent a daily meditator I look forward to them as the best part of my day. I am so filled with joy that I feel my energy changing the people around me for the better. THIS is the level of belief and commitment I presume Dr Joe wants gather together. Energy that heals the sick, cures the emotionally damaged pasts, teaches selfless giving to those speaking prosperity.

I never looked at it being an us and them situation before deciding to go. People cured themselves without workshops before they were available and they still do. It does take things to a whole other level though, there is a community built even in the preparations to attend. It seems once you feel that energy it forever affects you. Best of all going from an isolated practitioner into a community of joyful exchanges of experiences feels so darn nice!

If you are feeling outcast frcomu it is merely because you know in your heart of hearts this is your destiny. So get meditating on it! I did. Made home made Mind Movies, images  and phrases on slideshow to music, including Dr Joe events, saw myself attending one in my meditations, saw partipation in healing circles where miracles occurred. My job is very persnickety about taking vacations, I doubted one would fit into my limited time slot for several years, but Vancouver was the perfect timing and location combo!

SO! I embark on my journey Today! I hope to share some of my experiences as the week happens but have been warned how utterly demanding and draining it will be. If you don’t hear from me rest assured once I have recouped I’ll be posting. 😇 I promise

Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: frcomu on February 02, 2019, 03:44:18 AM
@Walk in Beauty - Yes, perhaps it is my destiny to walk this path. I keep thinking how one thing led to another to another till I ended up here at Joe Dispenza's. Kept hopping from one guru to another, listening to all kinds of videos wondering if I was being brainwashed but I now see it as an ascension to another plane of teaching. Is this IT?

I realized too that I have a lot of anger and anxiety hidden in me. Was enlightened 3 chapters into Breaking the Habit. I am working on getting rid of it. Really have to change my mind.

Have a great time! Much love!
Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: frcomu on February 02, 2019, 07:34:26 AM
I'm going to post this here since we've been talking about closed Facebook groups which we cannot get access to.

I signed up for the Live-streaming in Bonn and in the confirmation email, I was informed that there is a Facebook group for those attending the live-streaming or those who are interested in attending the live-streaming. Anyway, I "applied" to join the group and got in. So if any of you are interested in seeing what it's all about, you can actually join (and leave when you've had enough). It has over 16,000 members. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/539289429805223/about/

I was quite disappointed at the type of stuff that was posted - typical Facebook group posts. All kinds of things, not necessarily related to the live-streaming and some ranting/complaining. It also appeared that some of these people had only just started. I find our little group more meaningful. The only thing is Encephalon staff are moderating the group and I guess, they would provide the latest information when necessary whereas in our group, there doesn't even appear to be a moderator (I've never seen a post from a moderator here!)

This Facebook group is probably quite different from the Facebook group for the Advanced Workshop.
Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: SuttonValley on February 02, 2019, 09:22:14 AM
I spent a long time reading, researching and typing up my post, but I didn't realize there was a time limit and it was lost somewhere.  I changed my status, so that won't happen again.  If my earlier post finds it's way here later you will understand why it is a duplicate.

WOW-- I will definitely meditate on Oregon.  I will read the other Dr Joe books, since the only one I have read is Supernatural.  However when I read Supernatural, I already knew and had used most everything in the book.  I have always believed that the information is there once you understand how to tap into the Christ Consciousness.  I still want to work with a group to manifest some things now.  I will post later on how I think we can do that.
Sooo pumped !!

Online frcomu -- I also believe that clearing out a body part can also help heal an energy center. Low vibrations can get stuck in different body parts and can be symbolic of what we need to work on.  For instance, someone says "That really pissed me off." They are telling their body (specifically the kidneys and bladder) to react.  Thoughts are things.  In Louise Hay's book "You can heal yourself" she tells about how our bodies hold memories of toxic thoughts, emotions and gives affirmations.  Good info but doesn't always work that way because they are stuck in the autonomic system of the body that can only be cleared out in Alpha State.  Tapping on acupressure meridians where the blockage occurs and telling it what to do has been more effective for me.  This is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping) or tapping. Tons of videos on youtube.

          Herbalist use a two part system to healing -- cleanse then rebuild.  The liver's job is to clean out the body, but if it is backed up and you take something to dump out the toxins, your intestinal tract best be clear or it will come out thru your skin.  The body"s systems work together so clearing them all out is a good starting place.

          Ultimate Cleanse is a two part system that cleans out lungs, colon, skin, liver, etc.. You increase your dosage daily -- am and pm -- until you get the results your body needs.  I gave a box to someone who hadn't been able to recover after surgery and was depressed and unable to work.  He was able to go back to work and sold everyone on the importance of detoxing.  It use to be that people did a  "Spring Tonic" to clean themselves out after a long winter, this is where "Root Beer" originated.  I believe everyone would benefit by doing a regular cleaning.

           Ojibwa tea or Essiac tea is one of my absolute favorites.  It is known as the Native American Cancer Cure.  It is an old Native American detox tea that was made famous by a nurse named Rene Caisse.  I have known many people, myself included, who have seen cancers and other growths shrink and leave the body looking like cottage cheese.  There are also numerous reports of the pancreas functioning better to being completely healed.  A good start for any diabetic or pre-diabetic. 

             Starwest Botanicals Essiac Tea is the dried tea you can make yourself and runs about $25 a pound which will last from 6 mo to a year depending on what you need.  The only hard part is finding dark glass jars to store it in.  Ultimate Cleanse by Natures Secret runs about $25 also.  Both can be found on Amazon or Vitacost.

          After cleansing Chromium Picolinate is excellent for the pancreas, Natures Way Kidney and Bladder formula, Thisilyn by Natures Way and Clear Lung by Ridgecrest are great followups.
Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: organic light on February 02, 2019, 07:03:09 PM
@Walk in Beauty

Safe travels and we will definitely be thinking about you!  We'll miss you here on the forum!!!  No doubt you'll have a truly transformative time there.


Thank you for posting the link to the Facebook group!  That's great that they have a way for Live Stream participants to connect and share information.

I know that feeling of "being left behind".  I was hoping to attend the Bonn event, but when I found out it was full - my heart did sink.  I got that "low energy, dumpy feeling" in my gut and I definitely got that rush of feeling "left out".  I didn't allow it to last long - I caught it and I stuck it under a microscope so I could better comprehend myself.  I knew it was another opportunity to move beyond myself and I embraced it as an opportunity to dive even deeper - a deep cleanse!

Despite all the work I've done, there was this splinter still lodged deep in the recesses of my mind.  Despite all I know, it still reared it's head.  Here's how I overcame myself.

I accepted it.  This is a great way to diffuse the energy because by accepting, you are essentially saying, "I see you and I feel you, but I am NOT going to react or give you my energy.  I will instead consume you into myself.  Thank you for the medicine."

Acceptance neutralizes.  It's like putting baking soda on vinegar!  Those limited thoughts are like vinegar - if left alone, the acid will start doing damage.  Get that baking soda out and pour it on!  Once I had neutralized it, I was able to get my energy back into alignment with the Present Moment.  The present moment is unity, it's wholeness and oneness. 

The old part of me that was reacting - that's the unawakened mind, the fragmented self, the personality stuck in duality.  The unawakened mind can only see duality - the awakened mind returns to the Source.  Source/Divine/Unified Field is in the present moment.  Always.  Ever present in the NOW.  The Unified Field is the Source of duality - so we have to get beyond this thinking of being separate.

Separation only exists in the human mind.  And...it's a big...fat...lie.

But it's conditioned into us, right?  The Newtonian model of reality is all we are taught - matter on matter.  But we are awakening to the quantum model where WE are the creators of our own reality.  It is Truth.  And in the Unified Field, ALL possibilities exists because creation is complete.

Creation is complete.  Our job is to choose.  As creators, not as victims.  We can't reach the unified field as victims - stuck in duality, stuck in lack and separation.  That's why we do the work - the meditations.  Break the habit of the old self and become pure consciousness in the field to CREATE!  Well, it's actually - OBSERVE - because creation is complete.  We don't create anything, we just observe it into reality.  We become a resonant match and CALL it to us with our energy.  It's all about energy.

So, if creation is complete and we have access to unlimited potentials in the unified field, then it is our job to ALIGN with the present moment, get into the field and create from there and not as matter vibrating at the frequency of matter, stuck in the realm of matter.  That's why Dr. Joe quotes Einstein saying, "The Field is the sole governing agency of the particle" - the Field is where it's at!  That's where the party is at...lol!

You are not separate from the "you" who is already attending an event.  That potential is ever-present.  Don't let your mind trick you into believing that you are power-less.  Your true power is in conscious alignment with the Divine.  That's when we become truly power-FULL.  But.  This power is true, authentic, organic and so beautiful because it's held in the purity of Truth as to who we really are.

"What is to give light must endure burning"  Victor Frankl 


I've had that scare too with writing a bunch and then hitting "post" and I have to log back in and I lose the post!  But don't fret - next time, just hit the "BACK" button on your browser, copy the post and then log back in.  Then you'll have to get to the thread again and repost what you just copied.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas on how we can work together to create!  How fun!
Title: Re: Law of One
Post by: frcomu on February 03, 2019, 01:52:51 AM
@ Sutton Valley - thanks for all the valuable herb tips. I will look into them. I really feel that I have to clean my organs. Something in my body is just not functioning right.

@ Organic Light - thanks for your detailed thoughts which I always love. I need to be reminded ever so often what to do.

So now a question on this group manifestation to both - do we each work independently on creating our manifestation of attending an advanced workshop? Shouldn't we be combining our energies to manifest together to make this more powerful? Sort of like the healing circle for Chas? Or maybe we can pick meditations to follow on certain days so that we're in sync? Come up with a sort of program  I somehow think each doing their own thing is not that powerful. We need to unify. Ideas on how to make it work?
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Post by: SuttonValley on February 03, 2019, 05:56:29 AM
    I spent time yesterday reading the samples of the other Dr Joe books on my Kindle since I have only read Supernatural.  I've stated before that I knew all of the info in this book, getting most of it by connecting to the  Source.  I've been a life time member of ARE (Edgar Cayce's Foundation), but also read Paul Soloman, Jose Silva, Delores Cannon, Christie Marie Sheldon, Gregg Braden, etc but I don't do it to follow anyone.  Edgar said the goal is to "know yourself to be yourself, yet one with the whole".  That is my goal and I have done it.  I would get sporadic connections, but once I was able to clear out the lower vibrations (subconscious blocks) I made a stronger connection to the Christ Consciousness.  I have always believed if a group was all connecting that they would create a stronger electromagnetic field and would be able to "do what Jesus did and more". That is why there are healings at his seminars, but a group of like minded people could also do this, an will.

     Edgar Cayce accessed Akashic records directly.  Once a woman came who used an intermediary to get her information and said it was less taxing on her body and he should do that also.  Cayce never knew what he said, people wrote it down and he found out when he came out of trance.  He went into trance and asked if he should do this also.  The answer was "you have earned this right by past lives working toward this goal."  I have earned this right by seeking for many years and not giving up until I was able to do it consistently. 

     I also believe the current system we have in place is part of the Piscean Age where there is a hierarchy.  There are people who are your betters, Kings, Presidents, Doctors, Priests, Wealthy people, Actors etc. People don't think for themselves and follow.  The Aquarius Age is more like the Native American Medicine Wheel, everyone is equal and is expected to connect to the Higher Power  (Vision Quest)  and be the best you can be.  Jesus ripped the veil when he died to give everyone direct access to this Christ Consciousness.  But having been there I also realize it doesn't matter if you are Hindu, Catholic, Jewish, Black, Rich, Poor, Nonreligious etc that we all have this innate thing built into us so that we can access this Field if we just understand it is about Vibrational Frequencies and works according to Quantum Physics Laws.

     I said all of that to say this.  I read samples of Dr Joe's other books and I came across again "The White Book" by Ramatha that he used as he healed his back.  I looked it up and it is channeled info from a Lemurian Warrior.  Cayce used to say "if you get the ability to connect with your dead Grandma, just remember she isn't going to know anymore on the other side than she did on Earth."  I did not like what I read about the fact that Dr. Joe worked for her for 17 years, 7 as a teacher.  This woman is litigious, and seems to manipulate all around her to get what she wants.  She says Trump is going to be the Saviour of the United States.  I am not political but I see where he is very Narcissistic (Self Absorbed) which is at the other end of the Spectrum when you get into the Superconsciousness.  Building walls, name calling, lying, a less clean enviornment, socioeconomic diversity, refusing to help refugees is not where I am at.  The Law of One is where I am.

     Dr Joe doesn't say anything about her on his site, but someone who has worked and supported someone who is so radically different than my Ideal is not where I want to head.  Dr Joe doesn't know any more than I do, he isn't better than me,I don't have to follow anyone.  We all get what we need for our path back to the One.  Read what others have done to get there (it is helpful) but know your path is your own and when you get info from the Unified Field that it is for your path specifically.  Know that "still small voice" and it will help guide you because we are all heading back to the same place -- Unity.

     I was just going to say my piece and leave the forum.  But I would like to get some feedback on this. 
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Post by: Walk in Beauty on February 03, 2019, 08:03:41 AM
I wonder that you feel you need to leave the forum. I see nothing in what you stated that would conflict or confuse other seekers here, nor anything Dr Joe would object to. Just because he chose pieces of another’s Philosophy to include in his teachings doesn’t mean he his peddling the entire goods. He wants to be of service to people, to help them heal themselves. Isn’t that what you are doing also?
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Post by: frcomu on February 03, 2019, 10:30:28 AM
Whoa Sutton Valley - That was a lot to digest. I actually have no clue what you are talking about.

But since I am reading Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself now, I do see anger in your post, anger that this man dare to associate himself with someone whose views you do not share. Since I do not know what Ramatha preaches, I cannot say for sure that he is regurgitating her philosophy and making it his. However, after reading spiritual books from several other teachers, I can safely say that I see what he is preaching is the same as what these others are saying. There is only one Consciousness and we need to access it to get what we desire. And how do we do that? Through meditation. Every other teacher I've encountered so far also talks about meditation but their meditations are different. I do not see any malicious manipulation coming out of it through his association with this person.

In Breaking the Habit, he says that once we break the habit of being ourselves and disconnect from these emotions that keep us locked in our past, like anger, fear, guilt, resentment and lack, we free up energy to manifest. That's why I was so intent of clearing my chakras as I now know that I have anger, fear and anxiety to get rid of. Perhaps you would like to reexamine your reaction and ask yourself what created it. You will need this extra energy if we are going to manifest the Advanced Workshop together.  ;)

And btw, I've ordered the Ojibwa tea and will give it a try. Thanks.
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Post by: Kathy on February 03, 2019, 01:15:33 PM
@Organic Light, I love that visual about us all being at the same workshop. I had that very thought cross my mind recently!

I wish we could "Like" or "Fist Bump" posts here that really move us! :)
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Post by: organic light on February 03, 2019, 09:59:30 PM
Dearest SuttonValley-

Thank you for sharing from your heart.

I can relate to your feelings of standing up for what is "right".  I've been there. 

In my quest for what is fair, just and right - I came to a choice point.  I had to look at myself with clarity and acknowledge that my quest was actually creating more separation in me.  It was a hard pill to swallow.

I made the choice to accept.  To be inclusive, instead of exclusive.  To move into a state of Oneness instead of separation.  To drop the limitations of "this is good" and "this is bad".  To live like a Zen koan, "Everyday is a good day".

You are correct - it is all about the Law of One.  And that Oneness begins in you and is a wave that crashes into everything around you.

much love-
organic light
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Post by: Walk in Beauty on February 04, 2019, 06:44:50 AM
I’ve come to that conclusion also organic light, inclusiveness and refraining from judgement is the higher ground and also a lot more fun

I truly believe we are each a spark of the original creator, we were all there together, one, when life began and individualized the further we got from remembering this.

And as Edgar Cayce said in trance to a young man who was seeking his own spiritual improvement, me paraphrasing, the young man would do better to seek it WITH others. You are building a kingdom all for yourself and you are not going to like it when you get there.

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Post by: SuttonValley on February 04, 2019, 04:51:31 PM
Read thru the posts to see if I was missing something.  So thanks to everyone who responded.

I love that Walk in Beauty posted one of my favorite quotes from Cayce about we are all in this together, you need to be inclusive in your Kingdom.  Love that.  However....

I have choices to make and I want to stay on the side that is toward Unselfish and Service and Unity, but I am very aware that there is a lot in this world that is not in line with this.  I don't want to fight against the old paradigm that is crumbling anyway.  I want to be a part of a group that is working toward a better world. 

I know that David Duke and the KKK don't share my ideals and if I meet someone and they have worked with him for 10 years and don't admit anything is wrong with their philosophy.  That is a red flag.  They are not on the same page as I am.  I know eventually we will all be back in Unity together and I am good with that but I can see it isn't going to be in this lifetime because hate is on the other end of the spectrum. 

I liked Dr Joe's book, but when I read he worked with someone for 17 years whose ideals are again on the opposite end of the spectrum that I am working on that really concerns me.  Ramatha is teaching things that aren't in line with where I am heading.  Cheating people, lying, suing others, telling others the way is thru this Lemurian Warrior. This is a red flag. 

Dr Joe can associate with anyone he likes for his own reasons, but he taught at this school for 7 years, taught a philosophy that I don't see fitting into healing the planet.  He doesn't know this person casually this is different.

For those of you that say I am being judgemental but know nothing about Ramatha, maybe you should be at least be checking this out.  I will read what you all have to say. 
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Post by: organic light on February 04, 2019, 05:40:17 PM

I forgot to mention looking into a keto diet for diabetes.  The keto diet is a high fat, low carb diet and it is helping people correct their diabetes, among other health conditions.  You switch your body from burning glucose for energy to burning fat - which your body runs more efficiently on.  There are so many websites now that share recipe and lifestyle ideas. 

These guys have an awesome Podcast called "2 Keto Dudes":

http://2ketodudes.com/ (http://2ketodudes.com/)

Both had Type 2 Diabetes that they've reversed using a keto diet!  Thought it might be beneficial for you.

The Keto Diet App blog has a TON of great information and recipes, if you're curious to see what the diet consists of:

Also, for manifesting the Advanced Retreat - I definitely feel it should be something we co-create!  What's the most efficient way to do that?  Maybe we can have a Skype call or something to discuss the particulars?  I believe I read somewhere in one of the posts that you're in Munich, Germany?  I've always wanted to visit Germany!  :-*   
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Post by: frcomu on February 05, 2019, 02:00:38 AM
Hi Organic Light,

Yes, I was thinking we needed to somehow talk to each other or connect outside this forum. And most importantly, we need to get to know each other. Skype is good. Send me an email at xxxx (I've removed the email but if anyone wants to work with us, pls let us know) and we’ll work from there.

Thanks for the keto diet info. I did do this for several years with some success and my doctor kept praising me. It’s just that two years ago, I had a life-changing experience and I just gave up on everything. I started eating what others eat and now, I know I have to do something. Hence Joe Dispenza to break the habit. I need to get my life back!

Looking forward to hearing from you. And anyone else who wants to take part in this challenge!
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Post by: Walk in Beauty on February 05, 2019, 04:48:18 AM
To me it sounds like throwing the baby out with the bath water SummitValley, but I admire you for trusting your gut.
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Post by: Kathy on February 05, 2019, 07:18:16 AM
There is a lot of stuff in this thread that I'm not quite sure I am following/understanding, so I will have to take some uninterrupted quiet time to read through it all and check out some of the names that have been mentioned here.

I love and respect so many of the teachers who have walked this planet - I saw numerous mentions of Edgar Cayce in this thread for example, and visited the Cacye A.R.E. in Virginia Beach (years ago) and had several "ah ha" moments during my visit there.

Over the years, I've been introduced to a bunch of different teachers. More than once, I've come across a teacher or teaching that doesn't resonate with me one single bit. I mean, not even a little.

At first I felt bad that it didn't feel right. I thought, "maybe it's just me, and I'm missing something," and then I had a realization that there is little chance at this stage in human development that every one person is going to "click" with the same teachers.

It was around then that I remembered something Paramahansa Yogananda mentioned.

I love Yogananda's work. I remember listening to a cassette tape of Paramahansa Yogananda speaking, and he said something about each of us as a tiny bubble in the ocean - and my understanding was that even though as a "drop of the ocean" I'm an individuated being, I was also part of the vast ocean that couldn't exist without each "drop" and that the whole working of the ocean was also within me and every other drop... Something like that... It filled me with awe to think that every single one of us is connected.

It was then that I learned to simply give thanks for the opportunity to learn, and then move on if a certain teacher or teaching wasn't "working" for me.

I feel so deeply that I have been led in the path that's right for me.

Where I am right now is at a place where many of my previous "ah ha" moments have begun to relate to one another, and changes have begun to happen in my life.

Joe Dispenza is one of the first people I have heard in over 25 years that feels so very much right for me because he presents ideas that, while they may have been presented before by others, he does so in a way that I can understand and that truly do resonate with me.

He, himself has traveled a journey that has certainly resulted in numerous changes in his own life along the way.

Again, there is a lot in this thread that I think I don't fully understand, but I will read further.

In the meantime, I am very excited to continue my work! And I send love and blessings to everyone else on their path.
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Post by: Whist on February 05, 2019, 08:12:30 AM

I'm with you on this. You make a lot of the excellent points that have gone through my thought processes.
I also I'm a fan of PY and have visited the Encinitas ( Adore the place!) and LA centres.

I did/do get moments when i thought I may going from one teacher/guru to another without really taking time to understand the teachings but DJ's teachings (discovered about a year ago) really do resonate with me and I find myself relating something he said to what another teacher has said or written including Guruji's.

Great to know , others have similar experiences...
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Post by: Kathy on February 05, 2019, 04:25:23 PM
Hi @Whist! Great to hear that my words fell on kindred ears!

And nice to meet you here.

I would very much like to visit SRF in California... especially Lake Shrine. Visiting the Mt. Washington HQ would be cool too!

:) My next big thing that I would love to do is really get regular with my meditations, then do the online workshops and then a week-long retreat.

I truly love this stuff! :)
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Post by: SuttonValley on February 07, 2019, 09:31:26 AM
   Re read the posts here so that I could align more fully with all the contributors.

   I meditated and pondered why I had such a strong reaction to Ramatha's teachings and DJ's involvement in it.  I have been working for almost a year on a self-dialogue that keeps telling me "I can't do this alone."  I have worked to get at the root of this.  The root seems to be that I somehow don't feel I am good enough to be a part of the Consciousness, which came mainly from being raised Catholic, where Popes, Priests, Nuns and Saints were above you and knew better.  There was no way to achieve what Jesus did, is what I was told.   However through persistence I connected, and receive information.  I came to understand that Jesus the man connected to Christ the Consciousness and that I can too, and I have.

    I realize that each person has to do it alone, with their free will, and that is the way back to Unity with the One.  You can manifest things in this Field.  I was with a group years ago that used Emmet Fox's teachings with Unity Church to create.  I had the same feeling as I do now.  They successfully manifested, great deals on cars, houses, parking spaces, vacations, washers and dryers and that was as far as it went. 

     So I don't want to create, I want to Co = Create with the Christ Consciousness.  That is a whole different dynamic.  According to Cayce, Job is the oldest book in the Bible and it was written so that people would understand that Earth is a place of testing.  That all the planets actually have lessons to be learned on them.
Job came to understand it is not enough to follow the laws and do your duty.  He came to know that you could engage the Christ Consciousness of the Universe and get answers.  He was able to bring Heaven to Earth by
Co = creating with it.  This is where I am.

     We can get together on this Forum and create things.  Will the planet be better for us having done this?  I don't want to keep creating what is here already -- poverty, famine, bad weather, debt, illness, Kings, Presidents, war, pollution, etc.  I want to Co = Create a sustainable way to live where everyone is connecting to the Christ Consciousness and we each have our part to play dependent on what we Resonate with.  To know ourselves to be ourselves yet one with the Whole.

     From what I know about Ramatha He/She created followers and wealth and the planet is not better for it.  You should never follow another's path back to the One.  How are you all so sure DJ isn't just recreating what he saw Ramatha doing ?  Following DJ to a seminar and paying for all his books before I go, and all his prerequisites plus the seminar and food and a room, isn't any different than following a long dead Lemurian Warrior named Ramatha.

     You can create in the field depending on what you resonate with.  I know for a fact the way is not to follow another.  The way is to connect yourself and get your own answers and to find others who have also.  We all need accountability sometimes, no matter who you are. 



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Post by: Walk in Beauty on February 07, 2019, 11:19:19 AM
Ok, now I’m losing interest in what you have to say.

You get what you project and right now I am hearing way to much of this Ramantha witch from you.

 I’m not hearing any Ramantha BS at this workshop. So stop harping on Dr Joe being the anti christ already.
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Post by: SuttonValley on February 11, 2019, 06:48:41 AM
Walk in Beauty

I didn't say anything about DJ being the Antichrist. 

I said nothing about Ramtha being a Witch.

You say there is no Ramtha info at the workshops.  I see you didn't bother to look up anything
about her/him or you would see that there is.  Why don't you want to look?  Ramatha cheated
people with horses, workshops, sues people, and has followers (not equals). 

I did say that it is of utmost importance to anyone on this path that they find the Answers Within.
It is good to look at what others have done but ultimately it is up to each of us  to go within. 
Discernment is necessary, it is absolutely necessary.

In this Age no one should be a follower, there is no need for it. 

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Post by: Walk in Beauty on February 12, 2019, 05:20:18 PM
Yeah, whatever.
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Post by: frcomu on February 13, 2019, 08:15:44 AM
This is a conversation that got me curious so I looked up Ramtha. I didn't read everything on the website but saw a photo of a walking meditation and bits referring to using the breath to reach the mind and create a new reality. So I guess it's similar stuff. However, if you listen to Gregg Braden or the host of Indian gurus around, it's basically all the same.

Not only Ramtha and Joe Dispensa, but also all the others charge for seminars, books and CDs and they aren't cheap either. Obviously, this is something they've manifested.  ;) If you are not happy about spending money, there is quite a bit of free stuff on youtube and the internet. However, if you want to co-create and are not happy with JD, then you should just choose one guru who resonates with you and go from there. You have a wide choice. Everyone is free to make his or her choice by judging information they have researched.

Good luck!
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Post by: admin on February 13, 2019, 08:41:43 AM
Hi friendly reminder to everyone.. PLEASE BE KIND...  If you don't agree with someone, please don't put them down for holding their own opinion.  This thread is starting to show signs of intolerance!
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Post by: Walk in Beauty on February 15, 2019, 10:19:10 AM
I have come to realize I can not create without having complete assurance I am not harming another in doing so. Is that co creating with The Divine?

I also resonate with the absence of any religious overtones and references, an absence of “My way is better than your way,” of negative associations to words like Christ vs Allah vs Vishnu. It does not matter that people don’t understand what Christ really meant, he was still the poster child for the Crusades and there is not one Muslim who forgets the murder and pillage it brought to them.

We are here to be blessings to each other. As long as we are doing so I rejoice in the outcomes. We are all stepping out of negative energy whenever it happens. And if this is the testing ground, as I do believe it is, not everyone is on the same path. A strong personality and a high intelligence experience may be able to find one’s own way, but not everyone wanted that lesson this go round. There should be a wide array of paths to follow back to source with no labels to discourage the seeker.
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Post by: Sassanigirl on March 14, 2019, 09:23:58 AM
I think this is very good as it is showing our differences on our path, and the very intro showed our alignment.

Now we all fundamentally want the same things:  healthy vibrant biosphere in which we can experience this existence in a way that we can fulfill our soul needs as well as leave this beautiful planet in a way that can continue in beauty, diversity and vitality that most of us grew up to expect.

SuttonValley, I farm also, (as a peasant in the UK and with more challenges than most can shake a stick at).  In fact Regenerative farming is way beyond passion.  In 2015 (a time when for me JD was a name on a research forum I was a part of) I had an amazing -and spontaneous - mystical experience on the shores of Coniston Water.  I was in the middle of our first course in Holistic Management in the UK with people so aligned on wanting to regenerate everything from the soil up.  Being washed with profound gratitude from the earth itself was and still is beyond words.

Whilst Earth may not need us, I believe the beauty and the biodiversity does.  I have commited everything to understanding how I may best effect this, and the bottom line is I know I have to set the reset, dissolve the negative programming that got me here. 

Alignment and community,  and we all come from different places, and no one is perfect BUT I know everyone in the Regen Ag world ( especially those of us with metaphorical arrows in our back ) are doing their best.  I dont know about others only because I dont live in their world, but I do know how this beautiful world has got to where it is and that has been first through ignorance  and then patriarchal greed. 

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Post by: Acoustic Di on March 17, 2019, 04:50:47 PM
Wow! What a ride this thread was!! I'm not on here much anymore, but I pop in occasionally and something drew me into this particular thread. I was all ready to sign up with everyone for the Portland Advanced Retreat, since it's been on my radar since it was announced, and with such a FABULOUS intention to set. It has been 2.5 years since my first 4-day Advanced, and we know how much has changed since then. I'm feeling the draw to be with like minds that are willing to release persistent fears in a Week Long. So, is ANYONE planning on Portland from the forum? Walk in Beauty, I would certainly love to meet you, you know. Is another on your horizon?

From my little corner of the world, I wanted to share this: I listened to Dr Js interviews on Beyond the Ordinary Radio, a weekly show from Ramtha's School of Enlightenment after I saw "What the Bleep" in 2004. I downloaded and still have them all... dating back to 2003, they were RIGHT ON with the framework of current teachings. I do know there was a falling out between them after What the Bleep that seemed to later be resolved, but Dr. Joe obviously broke away from that environment completely and brought what he learned to life with his own ways and experiences. I have watched much of his journey unfold since 2004. I wanted to hear more of what he had to teach, and creating your day became my mantra from that movie. What the Bleep opened me up in so many ways it was shocking.

Many amazing things happened from being in an environment with folks that attended the What the Bleep Conference at the The Crossings in Austin in 2005 and I spent a day with Dr. Joe. He took time off shortly after that and regrouped. I've heard him talk about this period where he wrote his first book and just stopped everything until he got clear. The Movie put him on a fast train and he was slipping out of alignment with his values and his own teachings (paraphrased). I listened to a few of Ramtha's talks during this time too, and they were interesting (not JZ Knight, but Ramtha Talks), however, nothing like Dr. J's. It was how he presented the miraculous power that we all have that felt like burning truth in me. I attended one of his very first intensive workshops in 2008 at The Crossings, which lit me on fire. I think there may have been 50 or 60 of us for a 3-day workshop. He had a flip chart. ;) I wrote a song inspired by his work called CHANGE and got to play it for everyone on the last day there. Highlight of my life.

When I went to Cancun in 2016 for the Advanced, I walked into that room that held 600 and took in the stunning visuals of the Blue Phoenix Rising, felt a full circle moment of all that had happened in a short 8 years from 2008 to 2016... a knowing that he's walking his talk, and doing the work big time.

I am committed to 2 teachings currently that align with what I am here to do this lifetime, Dr. J is one I come back to over and over to remember my alignment with what I value and what is true for me.  I am so grateful for this forum and was a avid contributor when it first started. One poster threw a shocking amount of hatred out and I never really recovered. I'm working on that fear piece... which reminds me, would love to connect with any of you in Portland ;D. Honored to walk with you all...
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Post by: Kathy on March 18, 2019, 08:13:06 AM
Thank you so much, Acoustic Di, for that fabulous input! That clarifies a lot of what I had suspected that Dr. Joe may have been alluding to at the beginning of Becoming Supernatural, when he talks about his mystical experience  of "seeing" and experiencing the plight of the ancient teacher who winds up never speaking truth again after extreme persecution.

Because I never knew anything about that Ramtha stuff before I came upon Dr. Joe's work, I didn't have that background or reference. But you helped clarify.

I'm still looking at the future to when I can get to a live event! Some day for sure. :) Thanks again!
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Post by: Neuronaut on April 11, 2019, 05:11:17 PM
Dr Joe using science as the new unifying force we can all believe in strikes me as pure genius. He is so right that as soon as you use any terms associated with a religious belief people’s preconceived notions drive a wedge in our ability to get onboard.

Also what helps my belief is when I find bonafide scientists with tons of letters behind their names and decades in paranormal research outlining the process of manifestation in the same sequence Dr Joe’s meditations go about it.

I have listened to both Dr Dean Radin’s Audible books, Supernormal, and the latest, Real Magic. This interview from Inspired Nation is a terrific outline of how Dr Radin used his own research and those techniques to manifest an amazing outcome.


This video was absolutely amazing. Mind-blowing in fact, especially the bit about drawing your future to you with intention and then letting it go. It’s the same as what Dr Joe talks about. Amazing.