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Title: Questions about basics and figure 3.3 in becoming supernatural.
Post by: 773 on October 04, 2018, 11:16:27 AM

I am from Germany, I've already read the Placebo book and now I'm reading "Becoming supernatural". My life changed in a really positiv way, since I've changed thinking and keep on meditating, I really like the easy way things are described.

But now there are things in becoming supernatural I have a question about. In chapter two and three, there is described, that a thought is associated with electric charge and a feeling creates magnetic charge. Together they build an electromagnetic field the book says.

Question 1:
What is a magnetic charge?
Gauss's law for magnetism in differential form is:

So there is nothing like a magnetic charge. Theoratically a single magnetic charge could be possible, but it was never proofed. Magnetic field lines are closed loops.

A magnetic field exists around changing electric currents, as Ampère's circuital law tells us:

Also there is something called spin for elementary particles (electrons, protons,...). Particles with spin have magnetic fields, with different mathematical signs. Mostly in materials, the sum of all magnetic fields of the particles is zero, if not, we call it magnetic material (as for permanent magnets).

So in maxwell's equations and in quantum theory (electrons, protons), theory uses nothing like a magnetic charge. If there could be something like a single "positive" and "negative" magnetic charge, then they are almost always together as one in nature. And an electro magnetic field exists around changing electric currents (around antennas, loops,...).
So why is there spoken of magnetic charge? Maybe I have missed a point, but to me that sounds not right.

Question 2:
How can something decrease by more than 100%?
Figure 3.3 in becoming supernatural shows, that patients decreased their high beta brain waves by 124% after a four day workshop. If I have 100% of something and decrease it by 100% there is nothing left or did I understand something wrong?

So long!

Title: Re: Questions about basics and figure 3.3 in becoming supernatural.
Post by: gongfu on October 23, 2018, 05:46:46 PM
to question 1
You need to let go of Newtonianism.
Then all jives together nicely.

to question 2
what's the page number of the English or German version
Title: Re: Questions about basics and figure 3.3 in becoming supernatural.
Post by: 773 on October 25, 2018, 07:08:45 AM

1) Joe Dispenza wants to explain his work with the laws of electromagnetism and quantum physics. I found some points, I have questions about, I think it's okay to ask scientific questions to a book, which claims to explain things scientifically. It's not about discussing the methods, the book gives us, just the way they are explained.

2) It's page 69 in my english kindle version and page 115 in my german book version. In both times it's figure 3.3
Title: Re: Questions about basics and figure 3.3 in becoming supernatural.
Post by: gongfu on October 25, 2018, 04:03:40 PM
but didn't he say he refrained from lip service for the Newtonians this time around right at the beginning of the book?
regardless, it's a fair question

The way I understand it is this;

We create everything, including electromagnetism or electromagnetic fields around us and you could say we are capable of creating physics that are so bizarre that nobody would be able to grasp the underlying properties, ever, thanks to quantum physics.

How would a student write with today's scientific Newtonian University knowledge a doctorate describing how we pull something out of the quantum field into 3D matter (whatever that might be)? That poor bastard would never become a doctor in physics, I promise you that. At least not in the 21st century.

So, your electromagnetism (considered a strong force over gravity) is also subject to the quantum field and therefore does not need to obey Newtonian physics, either. The magnetic charge coming from the heart as he writes in the book as heartfelt emotions are the only capable component to send the message out in the quantum field. That's a charge. The quantum field then listens to the sent signal and evaluates if the signal is coherent with your emotions etc. (meaning if you want to be rich; you better feel rich and not poor otherwise the QF won't resonate with you) and then returns the favour when the time is right. At least that's how I understood the chapter.

Think of the electromagnetic charge like an impulse coming from an EMP device (use your military fantasies or anything else). The device must be loaded first - in our case with the heartfelt emotion ready to fire out in the quantum field.

To fully understand it scientifically, wait another 500 years at least until it's standard high school knowledge. For now enjoy or hate the fact that it actually works and that a lot of people benefit from it. But by all means, I wish you luck understanding the Quantum Field how it works and what components interact with each other.

Myself, I didn't believe jack crap in Qigong until I felt Qi energy coming from a Qigong master's hand shooting into my body like a knife without me physically touching. Qigong helps me and that's all I'm concerned about and not that physicians prefer Ibuprofen to a hand over your joints pulling out the pain for good. The same with the Quantum Field (the two are closely related by the way). Qi Energy is not like measurable electricity, and yet it has the same qualities. So what is to say against the notion that electromagnetism could have a counterpart that is like electromagnetism and yet it isn't electromagnetism? How do you explain Qi energy? I promise you, until you felt Qi energy you probably dismiss it, but once hit with it like me your world picture collapses into thousand pieces of anger why you wasted time believing in school science. I know what it feels; I've been there.


Title: Re: Questions about basics and figure 3.3 in becoming supernatural.
Post by: Walk in Beauty on October 26, 2018, 05:29:51 AM
Hi 773,

I guess I am fortunate that I do not have the math skills to reason the science out, tho I am a big fan of science and love listening to physicists like Alan Guth dumb it down enough for me to follow.

I can tell you I have put these Dr Joe methods to the test and they work. Along with the science he lays out, he also says he uses science to be a universal belief that eliminates religious dogmas turning people off to using his methods. I have also used faith healing with great results, so I know exactly the prejudices he is averse to.

Isn’t the quantum all about each observer affects the outcome based on what they are expecting to see? The whole point of the books is to help people make tremendous positive changes in their lives.

I suggest to you that you are worshipping at the altar of science and not allowing yourself to suspend belief enough let the quantum change it for you. I presume you read these books because you wanted to change some things in your life.

I went all in when I tried these methods and I am so much better off because I did. 🧞‍♀️

Title: Re: Questions about basics and figure 3.3 in becoming supernatural.
Post by: 773 on January 13, 2019, 08:35:18 AM
Hello together,

thank you for your answers. For me now, it is not so important anymore, if these things are described physically a hundred percent correct or not. The book and its ideas had a great impact on my life.

Best wishes from Germany.
Title: Re: Questions about basics and figure 3.3 in becoming supernatural.
Post by: Jewell on February 28, 2019, 12:27:31 PM
Nassim Haramein is an individual to look into for explanations about Quantum physics, meditation and a wide variety of other sciences. Here is one short video https://youtu.be/gpg4RRRnjK8 to help you fall down the rabbit hole with his mathematics.
Title: Re: Questions about basics and figure 3.3 in becoming supernatural.
Post by: SCristina on February 28, 2019, 11:36:39 PM
Hey Jewell.

  I'm so happy to see someone else also talking about Nassim Haramein.  I love his work and his Theory of Everything just blows my mind!  It may seem an odd thing to say - I'm not connected on any social media so therefore I don't see the communities related to his or anyone else's work that I'm inspired by.

Much love :) :) :)