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Author Topic: Help!!!How to let go of the mind....through the mind???  (Read 283 times)

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Help!!!How to let go of the mind....through the mind???
« on: June 21, 2020, 02:22:38 PM »
I have been meditating for awhile to be exact since 2006, and more seriously at least 2 times per day since 2017 and the problem still exist and I think worse, and problem is that i feel that I am wasting my time, because no improvements in my life, I have not gotten a meditation where i really felt that I am getting better, my mind always comes up and I can not quiet it, or at least interrupt less, the continues chatter is non stop, bothersome and I don't really know a solution; I've been with different schools of meditation, and they always advised me to continue with the process that's like peeling an onion, and there I am 3 years later and I'm still very much in the same situation; I'm trying to get professional help from other experts, as well as Dr. Joe getting to the week long seminars but last year was always sold out and this year you guys know what happened so I'm writing this to tell you guys that it's probably my last resource to find one of you kind hearted person. a kindred soul that might shed some light over my situation that i will call it as struggling to quiet my mind and stuck in my head about how to have a productive meditation process; I know is over a decade of efforts, trying of let go of the mind, through the mind, I really don't know<> if that's possible > :( I've been trying to let go of the trying to know, and release everything and continue releasing it, but i think I'm getting nowhere, I think there must be another way so i can really let go of the mental chatter and feel that i am at least gaining some ground, I am getting more frustrated and sometimes I am thinking that this whole think of Meditation is a waste of time, and just lately I lost my job and things are not going as I want them to be; so please help  me if you guys know a solution or the formula as dr. Joe call it, please let me know. BTW this is the first time that i share my shortcomings in a public forum so if you guys don't mind I want you to be brutally honest and tell me the way it is,, no sugar coating If you can please give me your best advice; I would greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance.

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Re: Help!!!How to let go of the mind....through the mind???
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2020, 08:59:39 PM »
When I started Dr Joe work I had been through a lot of counseling and therapy, repeating and reliving my past and somehow that was supposed to magically relieve me of.... turns out it relieved me of nothing. I knew my past, it was painful to be forced to relive my past, and though I knew I needed to forget my past I never had a road map to do it.

You did not say which books you read. It sounds like you tried Dr Joe meditations without reading any of the books, is that correct?

If so I suggest you read Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, and if you recognize, as I did, that at long last this WOULD work, get the audio recording and listen to in a loop until the reason why you are doing these things in this particular way are a permanent part of you belief system. Stick to the meditation to that book once or twice a day and never miss a day. I actually listened to it to and from work, even though you aren’t supposed to while driving a car I knew I needed to. I have viewed many yogis and scientists explaining how to manifest and they all say it requires each and every the step Dr Joe leads us through in these meditations, so you are in good hands following these methods.

I had difficulty keeping my thoughts from straying, and I found repeating the instructions under my breath, whispering them, rewording them, helped me to keep my mind blank.

Also in the long pauses in the void I had to find ways to stay focused so I would picture myself as a larger road map, unfolding and unfolding without stopping, spreading further into empty space. Then I would see the ink on my map being rinsed off, all of the colors melting into the inky blackness of space, the sunshine bleaching the paper white, becoming a completely blank pristine canvas to create a new story upon, a totally new “Once Upon a Time....”

Another trick I used to stay in those long blank portions I would go through each of what Dr Joe calls energy centers, but I had first learned as chakras. I would empty the first of everything, good and bad, telling myself, “ I release my need of grounding to the earth. I know the universe will provide exactly the right energy to send when when I require it, for now I am completely emptying all energy’s from my first center...” and slowly, to fill the time just music plays without instructions, I would slowly guide myself through this gradual emptying of all eight centers. I found it very calming and enabled me to let go and trust the universe. I found that when, back in the work a day world, and a situation triggered me, that I was still pretty much empty, that the trigger felt totally foreign to me, and I was able to recognize I dint want that energy, I could easily consciously banish it, there was no automatic knee jerk reaction trapping me.

So give those suggestions a try. I have some more techniques I experimented with that worked, but try those for now.

Also the online workshops, if you go all in looping those lessons for the 93 days you have access to them, and apply the exercises to you life, will definitely amp up your manifesting abilities. HOWEVER the key to everything is mastering your reactions to triggers. Once you feel that shift, for me it was a blessed relief from anxiety and anger, you can mix in more advanced meditations and books.

You must look at this just the same as going to a restaurant and the wait staff taking your order: you do not doubt your meal is on it’s way, you do not go into the kitchen to badger the chef or tell them how to prepare it.  You relax at your table enjoying your friends around you, passing the time pleasantly in the full assurance a wonderful meal is being prepared for you. You must BELIEVE, not pray, not ask- BELIEVE. The universe loves you and is waiting for you to command it. Ask it for a quiet mind, and BELIEVE your order is in that kitchen being prepared for you. You ARE making progress, it is the decades of negative conditioning that blinds you to the progress you are making.

For this portion of your journey you are manifesting a quiet mind, focus on that. When you master your mind, recognizing 95% of your thoughts have nothing what so ever to do with what is happening in the present, that it is total crap that is not worth your time, your thoughts WILL quiet. From the workshop, Dr Joe says, you are always going to react, he reacts all the time. The question is, for how long? The chemical cocktail that a trigger creates clears your system in 90 seconds, anything longer that YOU are perpetuating. It is nothing but poop: disgusting, unnecessary suffering that is not doing anyone any good.

There is so much good that is waiting for you. I do so hope you stick with the regime, you relief is within your reach. 💐
Walk in Beauty 💫

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STUCK IN THE MIND!!How to let go of the mind....through the mind???
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2020, 02:41:00 PM »
Hello wake in Beauty; I do appreciate you taking your time and energy to respond to my request; and yes I am following Dr. Joe since 2011 when I've read Breaking the habit of being yourself I did the meditations every single day for about three years but again with little results, I'm still struggling with the same problems, the same racing mind same freaking thoughts coming in again and again.

I do want to add to my story and tell you that I've been brought as a go getter, a doer a history maker; So I'm really tired to achieve things from the normal way, and  right when I am almost ready from a big achievement I quit I get bored and of course I start in a new set of activities even a new carrier,  start from zero and again make things happen; so I know the matter to matter cycle of creation it took long time but I'm still back to almost zero I'm talking to materiality things and people in my life and I'm now embarking in a new business venture, and I have been working hard sometimes very hard to MAKE things happen, being as I said a DOER, so I've been also in the personal growth self improvement world for decades, i have done every course that you can imagined, invest a fortune doing it; i.e. I facilitated the remote healing back in the 90's, I know the field exist, but I do not how to forget about myself, or forget about my body as Dr. Joe calls become nobody, no one. nothing, nowhere notime ; so MAYBE i just need to find a rapid cure; or a formula to just not have a thought at all at least for one minute; I've also done the energy center, the generous present, and at least 5 other meditations for over a year,  now just bought the online progressive course and intensive workshop, I bought both courses because I can not go to the week long retreat, and they said it's almost 30 full hours of teachings, so can you please help me to go to maybe one or two videos on these courses where I can learn a technique on quieting the mind; or some special meditation where Dr. Joe guides people to let go of the mind;

I also tell you that I have invested thousand of hours learning a myriad of techniques and thousand of hours in meditations so if you can please point me in the right direction which single or two cd/video meditation that I can master it and no longer think about my predictable future or familiar past, how to keep the mind in the present as Eckart TOLLE CALLED the power of now famous book, How can no longer BE STUCK IN MY MIND, How to let go of the analytical mind, or think about my body, or other bodies, or other things,...etc etc etc  If you can point me in the right direction, that great help will be greatly appreciated, and I THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

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Re: Help!!!How to let go of the mind....through the mind???
« Reply #3 on: July 01, 2020, 12:55:42 AM »
This is an identification problem. The mind is something that arises in you - it's not you and it's not yours. You are the Awareness that mind arises in. You've got yourself caught up in a classic ego trap of trying to control something that cannot be controlled.

There are ways to quieten the mind before meditation: pranayama, Wim Hof, chanting all work, but you cannot force the mind to be quiet. All you can do is put your attention elsewhere and recognise what you are.

You are Awareness. The mind, body and everything else simply arises inside this awareness, and that recognition grows the longer you spend turned back towards yourself.

I find it helpful to imagine the thinking mind as a noisy little radio in a massive silent auditorium - it seems incredibly loud and invasive, but it can only be heard because of the silence.

It feels to me like you're trying hard to get rid of this noise, but all that focusing on it does is make it seem louder. You need to focus on the gaps between the thoughts. Let the thoughts become as inconsequential to you as the clouds in the sky - you're currently WAY too attached to them.