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Author Topic: Healing someone with cancer  (Read 2038 times)

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Healing someone with cancer
« on: November 10, 2019, 12:07:36 AM »
Hi there,

My husband has advanced head and neck cancer.  We've tried many different treatment approaches, and he is now hospitalized.  I had him doing Dr. Joe's mediatatoins, but he is on too many pain killers now to do them effectively.  Does anyone have experience with healing others?  Can someone instruct me on how I would go about attempting to heal my husband? 

Thanks so much,

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Re: Healing someone with cancer
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2019, 06:43:58 AM »
I am so sorry you are dealing with this, my heart and energies go out to you.

I have recently help my husband by meditating for his benefit, but also I think it worked so well because it was the life I wanted for myself.

It was frustrating for me, having learned how to let go of past emotions and habits, to see him suffer from incredible stress at work. I thought I had an opening when he wanted to listen to how Dr Joe methods work, but he didn’t have the focus to follow through and he would lose his temper when I’d try to happen. He rarely got upset before this work stress, People ask me if he ever gets angry and I said maybe twice a year and it last maybe twenty minutes.... and you don’t want to be the one who caused it. Well, now he was a powder keg. Sleepless, angry, frustrated....

I had learned the “Changing Boxes” meditation at the Feb 2019 Advances Workshop and later bought the live stream of that lesson and the meditation, and recently bought the CD version of it. Dr Joe does a great introduction that sets it all up: when you can not see past your situation, when you feel a wall all around you that you can not get past.

Recall two mirrors that you can see infinitely multiple images of yourself trailing off into the distance, you know if you could follow those images they never stop, always more and more little boxes of you to see.

The quantum field is like that, infinite possibilities, infinite outcomes.

Dr Joe had a situation in his own life that he just could not get past when he thought of these infinite “boxes”, that surely in all of the infinity of outcomes there was the future he desired.

Now Changing Boxes is an advanced meditation, it does not include all of the phases the basic meditations lead you through and are so key to causing change. If you are new to the work and haven’t overcome the hamster wheel ruminating in your mind your thoughts are, taking away your focus by all means stick to a beginner meditation like Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, or You Are the Placebo.

But you can use this technique in those basic meditations. When it comes to the portion where you change a belief about yourself, sense that wall you can’t get past surrounding you, those walls that box you in.... then you see a door in that wall, you go through it and move on to the box that contains the future you want. Live in THAT box in meditation. Live the happiness of your healthy vibrant husband, see him in love with his life of doing his favorite things, enjoying his hobbies, going to the places he loves. Both of you so happy and in love, and feel that love, those emotions of perfect bliss. LIVE in THAT box with every good thin that you can think of and make it so real that you can feel the wind move your hair and clothes, smell the scents of the place like the foods he loves and is robustly is eating, hear the chatter of friends and enjoy their jokes. Make it so real that you ARE there.

An important step of this is knowing there are no negative energies there, no one is contributing negative energy to the situation INCLUDING YOURSELF. No anxiety or worry etc.

At the end of living in that completely different future you want for yourself, from that box look back at yourself in this 2019 box and draw yourself to yourself in the future.

When you not meditating see that future box and feel it drawing you there. Know that in order to get there you need to stop contributing negative energies into your life. Plug in elevated emotions and live as much as you possibly can in them. I’ll add a list I have compiled to make it easier to choose ones.

So I used this meditation with wonderful results. I saw my husband his normal happy self, I saw a workplace that respected him, appreciated his contributions, and gave him the support and resources to bring the optimum results. I saw us having free time together, his joking happy presence with me...

And it has all come about! Not that the situation is completely resolved but it is SO much better and continues to improve. Best of all he is smiling and joking again. He still has ruminating anger but he is snapping out of it much quicker.

 I have to keep using this meditation I find, things regress when I slack off living like I do not need to address it any longer. I have to keep amping up my bliss, recalling the future I want like a fond memory and be very grateful for it. I have to quash negative comments, eradicate concern and worry and anger from the corners of my mind.

I have to SEE HIM THE WAY THAT BRINGS ME JOY. I think this is why the method works. I can not will him to change, I have to feel my relief and happiness in living his enjoyment in life. His happiness is what is best for MY ENJOYMENT IN LIFE.

In meditation live what you want for yourself.


Joy for Existence
Freedom of Expression
Love of life
Trust in the unknown
Coherent mind and heart
In the moment
Overcoming self imposed limitations
Give your creation to a greater mind
Mind of the Healer
Giving life to life
Do the uncommon
Mind of the Mystic
Live in awe
Mystified by all of Life
Expect the unexpected
Embrace the Unkown
Worthy of receiving
Effortless elegance
Give thanks before it is manifested
Greatest expression of yourself
Joy for Existence
Love who you are and all of life
Trust in your future
Uncompromising Will
All of my needs are met
Empowered by an Idea
See your Future Without Obstacles
Limitless Energy
Moved by the Spirit
In Love with Life
Weight lifted from my shoulders

Walk in Beauty 💫

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Re: Healing someone with cancer
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2019, 05:37:06 PM »
Brilliant meditation, Walk in Beauty! I love this, and am going to do this as well for my own husband.

Julie, I am sending you love - and I too am sorry that you are dealing with this. I think Walk in Beauty's suggested visualization and technique sounds really powerful.

I am also envisioning a similar situation to what Walk in Beauty was describing as what you might envision during the meditation - seeing you and your husband happy and healthy and enjoying life together.

Again, this really is a powerful method - one I'm going to be doing as well.

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Re: Healing someone with cancer
« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2019, 12:01:11 AM »
Walk in Beauty and Kathy,

Thanks so much for your wonderful answers.  It's so good have support from a community that's doing such important work!

Walk in Beauty, I so appreciate your taking the time to give me such a complete recommendation.  I'll try my best to follow what you laid out.  I actually own the Changing Boxes meditation.  I started with You are the Placebo and BEC #1, both of which I love.  But I felt the need to . . . completely jump outside my reality.  I perused all the meditations on the site, and the one that leapt out at me was Changing Boxes.  So I did the prerequistes it gave (reading chapter 11 of Becomeing Supernatural and doing the Space-Time, Time-Space meditation) and then started doing Changing Boxes.  I've been doing BEC most recently, but after reading what you wrote I'm going to go back to Changing Boxes.

Where would you do the visualization you described?  In the midst of Changing Boxes, after Dr. Joe tells you imagine yourself outside the door (or however exactly he says it)?  Should I do the visualization with my husband right there in the middle of Changing Boxes?  Or should I wait until the end?

Thanks for your list of elevated emotions - that's very helpful!  Perhaps we can add a few others like elation, ectstacy and serenity?  (And you mentioned "blisss" - perhaps we can also add that?)

The whole situation I'm in is so difficult, it's hard to rise above the particulars.  I had a doctor today tell me my husband is going to die.  He's in intensive care at the moment.  It's so hard to do a meditaiton where I fully believe that he can be with me in radiant vibrant health - and it's hard to beleive that even if I can do that, it can rescue him from the physical hell he's in.

What gives me hope are the amazing testimonials from people who cured their own incurable cancers.  But this is a little different, since I have to cure another person's cancer. 

Kathy, thank you for the love - I can feel it.  Thanks again to both of you - I'm grateful for your loving and thoughtful replies!    :)

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Re: Healing someone with cancer
« Reply #4 on: November 11, 2019, 09:10:25 AM »
Yes, after you find that door in your wall and go through to the different box.

I can not put into words sympathizing with your situation. Sometimes a person just has to pass over, sometimes they stay.....

I am so very glad you have the fortitude to keep meditating. In either case it will keep you in a much better place.

Blessings upon you and your husband.
Walk in Beauty 💫

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Re: Healing someone with cancer
« Reply #5 on: November 11, 2019, 01:20:47 PM »
Thanks, Walk in Beauty.  Right now I'm trying not to entertain the other possibility because it's not the outcome I want.  I am trying to learn as much as I can about what I can do to change his biology and make him healthy.  I appreciate all your help.  I have noticed your generosity in replying to many posts and trying to help others.  You're very kind to help everyone here in that way.   :)

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Re: Healing someone with cancer
« Reply #6 on: November 16, 2019, 03:16:39 AM »
Right now I'm trying not to entertain the other possibility because it's not the outcome I want.

Is he cooperating?
Try to find the root cause of the issue. Alright, since he can't meditate, I guess the work is on you alone.

Remember every cause has an effect. Every action, has a reaction. You reap what you sow. What goes around comes around. If you throw boomerang it will come back to you, etc.. Basically everything is just coming around and around in a karmic circle. The cycle won't change unless you change.

In order to reach the desired effect, you have to change.

So what you see right now (the brain cancer, neck cancer, etc.) is the 'effect'.

But behind that effect there was a root 'cause'.

It's your job to find out the root cause, then go from there.

What caused it? Was he:
- had a traumatic event in the past?
- When did the diseases started?
- there are some people he didn't like?
- Have bad health habit?
- Expose to certain radiation? etc.

Contemplate deeply on that using the meditation. So the meditations are the tools for you to reach that deep state of desired results. You must contemplate very very deeply until your state of mind changed. Sometimes there are ideas, inspirations, certain rememberance, but meditation is your opportunity to find deep hidden root causes that you don't see during waking up times.

Drop the high expectations that elevated mode, meditation braingasm, blah blah will magically heal your husband. 'Meditation' won't heal your husband. But the 'change' will.

Meditation is for a change. You have to change.

What are the changes that you must do? You will find out later.

My last advice is, don't believe anyone who said that paying $$$ for certain gurus will cure stage 4 cancer. Sales pitch targets the most vulnerable people. When a person is sick and desperate, they will do anything & pay anything for "hope" that they will be healed like in the testimonials. The last thing you want to happen is to get broke. Save your money for most important stuffs.

But anyway, I collected tips on curing cancer from the people who had cured it. I collected it during peeweetoms journey, from youtube comments. Maybe some may apply to you.

There's one story from a commentator, he healed his wife using prayer, just one time. Anyway here are all the tips. Please check them all:

"Hello PeeWeeToms, From America, my wife was diagnose with cancer by two doctors.  She was setup for surgery.  My mom told me that I have healing powers.  She told me what to do and I did it.  When my wife went for surgery day, my wife requested another test and it was gone.  Twenty 28 years later and nothing wrong with my wife.  I'll explain, it's easy.  This procedure, you have to be naked and lying down on the bed.  Whoever conducts this, preferably someone that LOVES you, have the one that is going to perform this, rub their hands together until it gets quite hot, then have him/her run their hand over your body and inch or two over your body from feet to your head.  Here is the key, they must focus only one phrase; such as, "God, please remove all the cancer out of the body".  I did it to my wife for about 10 minutes.  It worked.  You must not think about anything else.  Must focus only on one prayer.  I wish you luck and blessings."

This is the link for full converstation.
cure cancer using LOA:
"God, please remove all the cancer out of the body"

fungus leukemia?

comment of cure cancer with apricot seeds

fasting cure cancer:

essiac tea:

through diet:

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