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Author Topic: Experiencing involuntary movements during the pineal gland meditation  (Read 1055 times)

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Hi everyone, I am new on here.

I have been doing the Pineal gland meditation, I love this meditation although it feels like more of a workout than a meditation at times! I have been doing this meditation once a day for four weeks. (I have experience of other meditations from Joe Dispenza and meditations generally). I started noticing jerks and some involuntary muscle movements to begin with. These have grown into quite large movements, with my arms coming up and then sort of shaking my whole body. I have to interrupt it because my body starts to ache and I feel sometimes I have to check that I am not having a seizure. I know it isn't a seizure (I am a nurse) but it is a little strange. I can stop the movements, by engaging my muscles and bringing them down by my side when they become draining/exhausting. Also, I should have said, that this only happens during the lying down parts where I surrender. It is an interesting note though, the size of the movements differ if I have been very tired during the first part of the meditation and haven't been able to focus as well - at these times the movements are smaller and much much less prominent. I have also noticed that the second laying down part after the chemical release/changes in pineal gland, that the movements may be stronger and ongoing - however, this is not always the case. The movements sometimes only incorporate my arms and hands (it is very weird to feel your hands flapping from movements that you are not producing), at other times my whole body moves or jerks and in the last week, my arms have come up and crossed over my chest and cause an up and down shaking motion with my hands flapping at either end. I feel like I am an observer noticing all these things but I have to say this new part does make me feel a bit frightened at times and I have to stop the fear taking over - like I am possessed - I usually just say I accept I feel this way and release it and let it carry on. On the other hand, after the meditation, apart from my muscles feeling knackered, (I'll be a mighty muscle woman soon! )I feel great. I am aware I have a lot of past trauma and know my body is probably trying to release this from my cells which is born out sometimes by lots of fears and horrible flashes of images at times and a couple of horrible dreams and sometimes a bout of diarrhoea the next day. I haven't been able to find much on this except from Indian cultures where people sometimes experience similar in kryas in meditation or yoga. However, my rational head and a strict religious upbringing does worry me at times. (I am not practicing religion now, I am a druid, similar to shamanic practices, which during much work, took 10 years to release the fear of hell!).  I have a friend doing the same meditation and she doesn't experience large muscle movements or jerks, rather she experiences vibrations and her energy centres spinning. I can only feel engagement, in the form of spinning centres  from my throat energy centre through to my 7th energy centre. I can't visualise/feel or find the 8th at all. My heart energy centre feels like a stone at times and the lower centres I can't feel at all - I am aware that these centres probably hold the trauma. After reading one of the topics on here, I watched a Joe Dispenza video about having to go through and past the next dimension with stuck energies and disembodied spirits which helped because I have experienced this in crossing people over after death. So, I have set my intention to pass through this and on out to the quantum field. Even so, it would be good to hear from anyone who has experienced large involuntary muscle/body movements during this or any of the other Joe Dispenza meditations - I didn't get these at all in the blessing of the energy centres or in the changing the habit of being yourself meditations. I would be very grateful to hear other peoples experiences or knowledge about this. Thank you very much, Kaarina.

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That's awesome you feel the throat! that was really blocked for me. The jerking frequently happened to me also with the pineal and space meditations. I just rode it out, one time it lasted like 4 hours!

I did some research and found a possible remedy is that you (like, me) are not going deep enough into a relaxed state before, as with OBE they induce sleep paralysis, so the body doesn't move at all. I also noticed that Krya yoga is very similar and Dr joes work, OBE courses and yoga utilise this kundalini energy. This energy needs to pass though all of the chakra from the root up, so if you don't get any sensations on some during the blessing of the energy centres, you might want to do a separate meditation focusing on each one that feels blocked until you do (though don't over stimulate).

As far as my own journey, I still experience this jerking, mostly in my shoulders/ neck but since i have started to spend more time going into a deeper relaxed state using binary beats and self hypnosis it is probably 10% of what i was experiencing before. I get sensations in all chraka's though know I am not quite there yet, I manage to keep a calm relaxed state most of the day, so am happy with my progress.

Hope this is of some help Kaarina, warm regards, John

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This may help, I could not find a different article here that better addressed your issue, perhaps if you poke around on the website it will turn up.
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