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Author Topic: Can someone explain the difference between the "two futures" Dr Dipenza talks ab  (Read 1874 times)

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I just watched "Programming Your Mind for Remarkable Recovery" and have a question.  Dr Dipenza talks about visualizing the intention/future experience you want and combining it with an elevated emotion in order to train your brain and stop being defined by your past.   However, when talking about meditation, he says that we need to only focus on the present moment (which is what I'm used to when it comes to meditation) and not worry about the future (or think about the past).  So I'm trying to reconcile these two "futures".  How do we visualize the future we want without thinking about the future?  Can someone clarify this for me?  Thanks in advance! 

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Hi mindbody4-

Welcome to the forum!

Since I haven't seen the video you reference, I am not exactly sure how Dr. Joe was presenting the information.  However, I will answer using what I do know about Dr. Joe's work. 

The present moment is key in the meditations because that's the access point to the Unified Field - the field of unlimited possibilities.  So yes, Dr. Joe's meditations have you working to focus on the present moment because that's your true point of power.  We're always existing in the present moment, but we get caught up in the drama of duality and lose our point of focus. 

When Dr. Joe talks about the "future" - he's really talking about a "future potential", which is actually an "ever-present potential".  There is only the present moment, so this "future potential" actually exists in the NOW as an ever-present potential - therefore, you have to get into the NOW to access it.  He's not talking about a "future" that would happen if you didn't change anything - that's a known.  That's predictable.  That's living by the rules of Newtonian physics.  That's the distinction between the "two futures".  One is a known (Newtonian Model of Reality) and the other is an unknown (Quantum Model of Reality).

We can't get to a "future potential" if we're stuck in duality, vibrating at the speed of matter, and identified with our senses.  In meditation, we shut down the senses - disassociate from everything "known", become no one, no thing, no body, no where in no time to enter into the Unified Field as pure consciousness.  From this place of unity, you have access to this "future potential".  You do have to touch this potential (visualize) by imaging what it will feel like to inhabit this new potential - you have to FEEL it.  Energy. 

You are not visualizing anything in the meditations - instead, Dr. Joe has you "feeling" and "sensing".  Remember - it's all about energy.  This is how you call that potential to you - you get in resonance with it.  You use your energy to project out an intention (thoughts are the language of the brain) - an intention is just focused attention, which is focused energy.  Then, you use an elevated emotion to draw the experience, the potential, to you - feelings are the language of the body.  In this way, you observe the new potential and then draw it to you with your energy. 

The key here is to stay in alignment.  And that's why we all do the meditations every single day because our bodies are addicted to the chemicals of stress and that keeps us in a fragmented state of being.  If we don't change our energy, we're going to keep experiencing the same known timelines.  We work daily to recondition the body to a new mind, so we can vibrate at a different frequency - the frequency of what we now choose to create.  You cannot create "your future" from this state of fragmentation, so our work is to liberate the energy so we can restore what is true and organic in us - wholeness.  From this place of unity, you are a direct conduit to Source energy because you become it, you embody it.

So, one future is a known.  The other is an unknown.  Dr. Joe is teaching you how to call forward an unknown "future", which is really just an ever-present potential in the Unified Field.  But you have to get your energy in alignment with it to draw the experience to you.

I hope that helps!

much love-
organic light
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Thank you for your reply Organic Light!  I think I understand what you're saying but Dr Joe did talk about visualizing his back healing when he got injured from the bike accident and how that instructed his body/mind to heal properly without needing surgery.  You mentioned that we shouldn't be visualizing anything during meditations - that we should just feel the future potential... so is it just that Dr Joe was doing those visualizations separately from his meditation practice?  Am I just confusing two separate practices?  Thanks again!  I really appreciate your insights! 

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Hi mindbody4-

Gotcha, I see where there is confusion.  I'll do my best to explain this from my own perspective, but I cannot say for certain since this pertains to Dr. Joe's own personal journey of healing.

From what I've gathered through watching Dr. Joe speak about his accident, it is my understanding that this event marked the beginning of his journey into the unknown.  We could then say that it was the beginning of his current body of work.  It was at this moment that he took a chance and stepped into the river of change to heal himself as he had an inner knowing that "the power that created my body has the power to heal my body". 

Being a chiropractor, he had an intimate understanding of how the spine works and was built.  The extent of the damage was severe and I remember him saying that he wouldn't recommend what he did at that moment to others.  But he went in and essentially instructed the intelligence that is the Source of Creation how to put his spine back into order and yes, he did visualize this - quite meticulously and rigorously.  But, he was able to heal in this way because of his training as a chiropractor and his knowledge of the spine.

Fast forward to now.  In Dr. Joe's most recent body of work, he is instructing students to "feel" and "sense" - that's why in his meditations he has you feeling the space around you and sensing the space around you.  Do you have any of his guided meditations?  If so, you'll see how they are structured.  Dr. Joe says, "...when you are sensing and feeling, you are not thinking." (p. 91, Becoming Supernatural)  The key to success with Dr. Joe's work is to get beyond the thinking, analytical mind. 

If you haven't already, I would suggest you pick up Dr. Joe's latest book "Becoming Supernatural" so you can learn more about his meditations and the science behind them!  They're all really powerful and transformative!

much love-
organic light
Where there is Love, there is Life.

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Thank you for your replies, Organic Light - I really appreciate it!  I'll look into the guided meditations.

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Very interesting discussion!

Sensing clearly means using your senses and the word may be non specific to allow you to choose which sensory modalities suit you. If your vibration is high enough change can happen without personal direction but if you're not manifesting positive changes why not experiment with a high vibration plus visualisation?

Check out this testimonial and notice the impact visualisation had on generating a much needed healing. A healing which wasn't taking place until visualisation was introduced.

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What a beautiful testimonial, @WaterWalker!  Thank you for sharing it.  Ahila's energy is so beautiful and I loved listening to her amazing story of healing - wow! 

This is a great discussion, so let's see if we can demystify this word "visualization".  If you noticed in Ahila's testimonial, she makes a point to say that she focused on the "feeling" - she felt what it would feel like to have her skin completely healed.  She used the "visual" of her happy face to bring up that feeling and then she focused on the feeling - not the image.  They worked in conjunction, but then it was the feeling that moved her into a new state of being.  A new state of being where her psoriasis didn't exist.

The "visual" she sends out then becomes the blueprint that is the transmission to the Divine - in essence, "this is what I choose, please!"  And then you draw the event to you with the feeling.  In this way, you close the loop of manifestation for the experience to appear in 3D reality.  But, it's through shifting her state of being that the event was able to connect with her - because it's all about energy.  Becoming a vibrational match.

If we just focused on the "visual" and did a purely "visualization" meditation, but didn't address our "feelings" - then we wouldn't be changing our state of being and there would be no change in what we call forward because we're flowing the same emotions and essentially, still stuck in our limited beliefs. 

Now, when it comes to "getting dimensional", Dr. Joe specifically addresses "visualization".  If you have his book "Becoming Supernatural" - you can turn to page 201.  I'll quote it here:

If you notice, I never use the word visualize in my teachings.  Visualization usually involves just seeing something in the mind's eyes, so it appears as a flat or two-dimensional image.  For example, if you visualize a picture of a car, you will create a picture of a car.  Instead, I want you to experience everything in the scene using all five senses so it feels like a real-life, three-dimensional experience.

There are so many layers to Dr. Joe's work!  It's amazing, isn't it?  So in this form of meditation, it's important to create a sensory experience of the object you are dimensionalizing.  However, the above stated still holds true because you can't create from a state of lack.  You have to become a resonant match and stay in that vibration of gratitude - the ultimate state of receivership!  You send out the signal and then you stay in the vibration of receivership.

So "feeling" and "sensing" play an important role in Dr. Joe's meditations - in more ways than one.  It's how you get into pure consciousness by "feeling" and "sensing" the space around you to get your brain into coherence and disconnect from your thinking mind.  Then, once you are pure consciousness in the Unified Field - you are engaging "feeling" and "sensing" of an object or an experience.  If you use a "visual", like Ahila did of her happy face, then you can follow it up by flooding your body with the "feeling" and then once you come back to your senses after the meditation - you stay in that vibration of gratitude. 

You are aligning with a new potential in the Unified Field by using just your energy - wow! 

Isn't it fun?  I am inspired everyday!
Where there is Love, there is Life.

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I, too, am quite moved by Ahila's testimony...

@Organic Light hit the nail on the head about the "feeling."

At about 10:28 in the video testimony, Ahila points out that "the feeling was so intense..."

That seems to always be a critical part of the equation for me. That FEELING truly does become an integral part of the "visual."

I wish I could be more articulate about this.

But, the best way I can explain my own sense about this is that while I can "see" a picture of what I might want (e.g., seeing myself wearing a smaller pair of jeans), without a strong FEELING attached, I might as well be leafing through a magazine - and therefore, it is separate from "me" - and certainly not a "present moment" thing.

Again, that is exactly like what Organic Light mentioned when she quoted Dr. Joe's statement from Becoming Supernatural (the quote from page 201) where he says that
if you visualize a picture of a car, you will create a picture of a car.  Instead, I want you to experience everything in the scene using all five senses so it feels like a real-life, three-dimensional experience.

I find that if I "get myself into the actual moment" of my desired future self (as though it were already true right NOW), where I can get that FEELING into my heart - well... since I'm FEELING it "right now" during my meditation, then the "future event" (where I would be feeling it when it actually happens) already is the "present moment."

In other words, by my being able to FEEL that emotion that I would certainly feel once something actually happened, then that means that, wow, I actually AM PRESENTLY EXPERIENCING IT!

So, the "future" is actually "Now" since we're feeling it for real in the present moment.

That's more-or-less what I've been able to discern about this.

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It is so funny to see this thread because I was just vaguely wondering the same thing as the OP, despite being able to recite the correct answer, but in my meditation practice, it suddenly becomes sketchy--lol.

I actually saw Ahila's testimony yesterday and was using it as a new model for my physical healing, which is very different from hers--I have severe muscular-skeletal injuries--but her explanation of what she did, and seeing her before and after pics of her condition, really touched me and heartened me and gave me new direction.

I have a question I hope someone can give me opinions on that is relevant to the post:

I am severely injured--entirely housebound and mostly bedridden the last 3 years. I am struggling calling forth the positive emotions in association with my intention to heal my body. Instead, I can go into full blown panic episodes, being so daunted and doubtful I can heal back to normal. I have been working to overcome this, but sometimes the "working to overcome it" actually further exacerbates the fear issues.

My question is: My intention is to fully heal my body of 30 injuries/health conditions. I know this. Picturing myself healed is creating negative emotions of fear and doubt. It is like night and day: the "before me" and the "current me." But if I just call forth positive emotions with no "intention" of being healed while I meditate, I am more able to sustain the emotions in meditation. Yet I worry if I am not constantly aware of my "intention to heal" that I will not heal (after I am done with the "no one, no space, no time" portion and have moved on to the "sensing" portion). Furthermore, if I make up some outlandish scenario that could never happen (akin to me living in a fantasy life that I change at my whim and fancy to get the emotions high enough), I can have even more sustainable positive emotions. Yet I worry that making stuff up that has no bearing on my real intention will not produce the results I want. (So as a fake example, maybe I am imaging myself as a famous actress walking a  red carpet or starring in a movie. Obviously, this is not a goal of mine in real life. Or maybe I imagine myself taking a vacation to France, yet I have no intention to do so.)

What are your thoughts on doing either of these things: just calling up positive emotions with no "intention," or visualizing with the 5 senses outlandish things that DO call froth positive emotions but are NOT the real intention? I was hoping that so long as I have a feeling of positive emotions, that is what really counts, and not the mental imagery I am using to get those emotions. But I would love input because I am now overly stressing about this--lol--which is obviously making matters worse.  ::)

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Hi Sara,

It is very good that you can call forth positive emotions and maintain them. I think you are doing everything well EXCEPT the worrying you are not doing it right. I assure you, anything you can contribute is reaching your goal! When worry creeps in IMMEDIATELY STOP and have a positive emotion to plug in it’s place.

I shared this a while back and perhaps you did not get to see it.
Dr Joe in detail on how he healed himself.

As I recall the images he held were simple things like being able to watch a sunset on the beach. It has to be something that you can 100% believe. Just like practicing a golf swing in your head, feel your body flowing with the perfect coordination, intention and power. Feel the surf spray in the air, the salt drying on your skin, etc.

Yours may be a simpler than a trip to the ocean. Like entertaining friends, or even simpler still an activity with your son you can not do at present. Do it full sensory live in the moment. Pleasure.

In the workshop Dr Joe hammered in we do not tell our bodies to heal, like visualizing bones knitting back together, that is giving the universe conditions. We can not say I want this but only if it does not make this person unhappy, that is also making conditions.

Write down some simple pleasures you want to experience and live them in that portion of the meditation. It does not have to be one certain emotion you feel as you live in that future, if love or gratitude feels difficult try one from this list, there has to be something in here you can truly feel without ‘faking it’.

We’re here for you Sara, and I admire your ability to stay positive.

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Walk in Beauty,

He says in that talk he would reconstruct his spine in his mind and then select different potential experiences to imagine.

You said: "In the workshop Dr Joe hammered in we do not tell our bodies to heal, like visualizing bones knitting back together, that is giving the universe conditions."

Is his current teaching that it's only necessary to imagine the future consequences of being healed? No need to imagine the body itself as healed?


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From what I understood, he had tried many approaches till he hit on what worked. He asked us to sum up what that looked like and I told my discussion partner, “Live what you want, connect to that frequency.”

She relplied, “Mike drop. You nailed it.”

That means out of meditation to, live like you already have it.
Walk in Beauty 💫

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Thank you so much for all your sharing, Walk in Beauty !

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for me it's what I want, not how I want it.  I'm healthy, i'm not telling my body, the universe, the internal spark of love my definition of healthy.  example, I sense myself walking with ease, down a some steps to be by the water on a beach at sunset,  not I need the inflammation in my knee to go down so it's not so swollen. 

to me, incorporating all my senses in what I want, and know it will show up in a way I could never imagine or expect.  I try not to limit myself when there is unlimited possibilities I can't even think of. 

regarding Dr Joe's back.  I agree he knew how his spine is put together, I don't know how my knee works. so concentrating on raising my vibration/elevating my emotions, I know disease and pain vibrate at lower levels, and I can switch tracks and CHANGE.  love that word.

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Sorry guys so Im now confused. Which one is it? Do we visualise or not? When he says "I want you to experience everything in the scene using all five senses so it feels like a real-life, three-dimensional experience" that's what I do in my meditations....yet I just came off from the monthly online call with him and he said that during his meditations to manifest a potential he doesn't see anything because that would bring him back to his identity and away from being pure consciousness, but rather he just surrenders the letter of the potential of what he wants into the field and then focuses on the elevated emotions, whilst still being in the blackness. My confusion then let me to this forum....any thoughts?